Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last two weeks!

Hello- sorry for missing last week on the blog, we have been very busy lately. This week I have been drooling a lot, and I learned how to roll over. Well....I shouldn't say roll over, I can roll to my tummy, and then sometimes I freak out because I don't know what to do since I cant roll back over yet, but I'm working on it. I also have been sleeping in my crib and letting mom and dad(well I should say mom) get more sleep. I turned 4 months old on Friday and today had my doctors appt. I'm 14lbs 11.5oz, so almost 15lbs, I'm getting big. I'm 25inches long and they said my head is growing at a rapid pace...yikes, it must be from everything I'm learning. The doctor said I can keep just eating mommy's milk, so no rice cereal for me just yet. We have been going to birthday parties and swim parties these past couple weeks. Here are some pics! Enjoy!
Happy 1st Birthday Kaili!

Happy Birthday mom, lots of candles on that cake...you are getting old!
Happy 4 Month Birthday to me!

Don't I look peaceful when I'm sleeping?
I love my exasaucer, I love slobbering on the toys even more.

I had my first swim party with Dylan Kerns, we had so much fun splashing around, I hope we can do it all summer!

And last but not least I'm COOC certified! Mom says to tell you to check back later in the week to find out what that means.

Thanks dad for hanging our hammock chair this weekend! And don't you love my crocs!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy weekend - Birthdays, 5k Run and Mothers Day

Giada is growing like a weed and her personality is starting to show. She is so playful when she is awake! She has learned she can laugh and we are having fun tickling her and getting her to laugh and smile. We really feel so lucky. She is a great baby and really only is upset if she is tired or hungry, which is to be expected. We have her now sleeping in her crib. Its a big adjustment but going well so far. She usually has one 4 hr stretch of sleep and then 1-2 hour cycles after that. The trouble is I never get to bed early enough to take advantage of that 4 hour stretch...oh well.
This week I started back to work, which is okay but an adjustment for sure. Mikes mom comes by to watch Giada when I have meetings which is big help. Often I get up early and work for a couple hours - somewhat uninterupted -until Mike leaves which helps to get some things done.
Just watchin the Twins game in my Bumbo chair. My legs are getting too chubby to fit in the leg holes. And mom really hopes I start liking my new jumper but I'm not so sure yet.
This weekend was VERY busy.
Friday night we had dinner with the Kerns and Avansinos to celebrate Johns bday.
The kids were playing, Nicole was making her laugh!
And those blue eyes...we think they may stick.

Then Sat am bright and early(6am) we were off to Sac to do the Susan G Komen run/walk for breast cancer. We had a great time and big group this year. Go team orange!

Then off to birthday breakfast! Happy Birthday Kristen!!

After our trip to Sac we were on to Petaluma to celebrate Gino's 30th bday. Great time catching up with the AGR crew.
The boys and their babies.

And then....Sunday we hosted brunch for my parents, Mikes parents and Matts girlfriend Stephs parents. It was a nice time. I took a much needed nap with Giada later in the day, hung out - watched the Giants game, and went to a movie.
Busy weekend but great to see everyone. Fun and weird to be celebrating Mothers Day. You cant imagine life without your baby but you cant believe its now a day to celebrate you. Thanks for all the calls and cards!