Friday, November 10, 2017


September 1st means one thing in this house to this young lady. Dove season. She asks about it all year, and enjoys the date with dad. Working on her shot and how to cook them. We had Mike's parents over for dinner and he cooked them up. 
If they are going to shoot them, they better see the process through.
Everyone wanted in on the up Gino Ray...
 Mike's cousin Heather got married to Kyle Getz at the beautiful Bare Ranch in Lodi.  
Such a fun family night out. Giada loved the dance floor!
 Grandma Barbara and her Great Grandchildren

 Cross Country - these 3rd graders have been running fast. Fun to watch this season

A quick visit with friends while the kids run around like maniacs!
 Nonni and Nonno took the kids to "Kids Day" at Heritage Dining & Provisions. 
Good day had by all!

 Happy Anniversary. 11 down and many many more to go. Quick 24 hour getaway to Tahoe.
My parents took the kids up to meet Matt & Steph camping for Matt's birthday. 
The kids had a blast and can't wait to go back on another camping adventure.

 The quick and easy Harvest Fest project for Giada's class ended up taking much longer than expected. The glass broke on the vintage window, but I am sure the new glass is much stronger. That's what I kept telling myself - lol. Thank you Linds for picking up the window for me!! Thank you to Mike for having the patience and figuring out how to make this all straight. I would have for sure gotten it all crooked! The kids were very proud of the finished project!

St. Anne's Harvest Fest - The kids always have a blast, and the parents are glad we are past that weekend of the year! LOL!

 Winning fish is always a highlight of Harvest Fest. The kids are all so sweet to give Lorenzo all their fish. Just another thing to add to our zoo.
 Lorenzo and Seve enjoying Sunday Funday!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Happy Birthday Neps!  Fun morning at brunch...we even got Sum and the baby out of the house!

 Visits with Grandma Barbara while she was in rehab.  At this point she was almost all healed up and ready to go home. Gino wanted to go show her all the pictures from his birthday party.
 We have the sweetest next door neighbors.  The kids knew they were out of town and wanted to surprise Paula with a birthday message when she arrived home.

 Annual neighborhood water fight.  The kids looked forward to it all week! So much fun on our little street.
 This girl finally has her own room. Gino moved to the top bunk, L to the bottom, and G to her own room.  She couldn't be happier. Now if I could just get rid of these stuffed animals!

 Cousin adventures at the lake.

MacLaggan Family Reunion! My mom is 1 of 8, so all the family headed to Lodi to catch up.  Great weather all weekend, and never long enough.  Thank you everyone for making the trip. From up and down the West and all the way from Texas!  We missed everyone that could not be there, Mickey sent some delicious white pineapples in her Aloha spirit!

Missing Scott and Mickey from the sibling picture.  Scott hope you are on the mend and Mick we hope you and Bruce we will get you off the island next time!
Siblings & Spouses
1st Cousins (Missing Wes, Brian, Steph, Katie, Megan, Christie, Kelly)

 2nd cousins, missing quite a few. We are a big bunch!
 Lorenzo was so excited to start preschool. This year he will go one morning a week for a couple hours in the 2's class.  He lucked out and on his first day the big kids didn't have school, so they could escort him to class.  Looking forward to a great year with Mrs. DaValle, then we are back to Grace.

 A couple days later it was their turn to start school. 1st & 3rd grade here we come!

 Minimum days mean we have time for some fun with our buddies! 
Dylan caught a big one and even touched it. Progress!

 A couple days later we had a Dylan sleepover. Kids were loving their time with D.
" I am not taking a nap"
 CC has grown quite a bit in a few months.  She is very sweet and protective. LOVES to dig and bark.
 Twinning with Marli.

 Soccer season is off to a great start for these two Pink Predator buddies.
 Happy Birthday Ava!
 Happy Birthday Dom!

 Grandma Barbara is home!

We always try and sneak in a visit when cousins are over visiting at Nonni's!

 Grandma Barbara gave Lorenzo this little bear and he just loved it and took it everywhere.

 Pickle time! Annual pickle making begins.

 Fun night out celebrating the birthday girls.
 Labor Day weekend camping this year was HOT. 110 +  We were worried about kids and adults alike but everyone was good about taking shade breaks, applying sunscreen and eating a million snow-cones. I was too busy having fun to take many pictures.

We finished up Labor Day weekend with birthday celebration for Pops!