Thursday, January 18, 2018


After a long day of working a special event for Calivirgin, I ran off to meet the girls for Heather's Birthday. I missed Bad Moms Christmas, but sounds like it was a good flick.  "One Drink" led to a long night, with lots of laughs. 

 These two buddies had a great last meet.  Giada had lots of family to cheer her on. Although Cross Country is an individual sport, all the scores work together for a team score.  St. Anne's won 1st place, the kids were SO excited.

These two managed to find plenty of things to crawl on while the older siblings ran. They lowered the running age, so next year these guys will be out to run also.  They certainly have plenty of energy they could burn off!

 My mom took the kids to Sandhill Crane Festival and they loved it.

 Taking these crazies on a walk is an adventure in itself! When CC wants a rest, she lets us know.
 Helping with harvest! Lots of lemons for our lemon olive oil.
 Girls enjoyed a little painting play date while the boys painted at a birthday party.

 Always fun running into friends at Gingerbugs!
 Cousins make the best friends. Memory for the win!
 On a rare weekend with nothing to do, we hit the bowling alley. Fun day.

 This guy tries SO hard NOT to take a nap or go to sleep. If we can just get him to rest for a moment, he is out!
 Thanksgiving Luncheon at school. I love that our school does this nice tradition, the kids and families look forward to it.
 I just wanted to share this real life photo. Lorenzo was playing in the back of my car as I was loading everything out of the car and spilled soup!!!!!! It was everywhere!  Such a mess. Spent the next 3 hours cleaning up this mess. Thanks pops for all your help with clean up.  I know it looks like throw up, and I almost wish it was then I would feel bad a kid was sick, instead of wanting to strangle someone!!!  Hope this never happens to anyone reading this!
 G fell in love with the Nye boys.
 Congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Hilder! So excited for the newlyweds. A fun night hanging out with Stef before she left for Cambodia on a new adventure.

 These two had a day off and were able to head to the ranch with me. We all love harvest.

 Nana took the kids on another adventure to the Crocker Art Museum.

 My mom always does Thanksgiving on Wednesday night. It is a tradition started long ago, and has been nice to not feel rushed running around and be able to enjoy each place visiting.  This year Mike was still milling but stopped by later for dessert.
 Anyone who knows my dad, knows that getting him to sit still for the photos is almost harder than the kids!
 RUN to Feed the Hungry traditions continues on. Giada and Gino both ran the kids run and the 5k. Dad could hardly keep up with Giada.  Lorenzo was so excited...until we got there.  He was very unsure after hearing the loud announcements before the race and the loud buzzer to start the race. He did much better when the big kids came back around to help  him finish the race.

After a quick shower we were off to Thanksgiving with Mike's family. 
I love the Thanksgiving meal and have no problem eating it on day 2.

Lorenzo loves Cole and Carter and talks about them ALL day EVERY day! He always says "my friend Cole" the kids try and correct him and say "He is your cousin" and he yells "He is my friend" I tried to explain cousins can be friends too, but that isn't going over well.

Coldani Cousins!

We made it. Our annual trip up to Graeagle after harvest. Something we all look forward to after we have been missing dad for November. The kids are always excited to see Santa and cut down their trees.  We even found a TINY patch of snow; bonus!


When in Graeagle we always take a picture with "the Bear" but the new owners of that unit also have some other fun chairs for the kids to enjoy.

 Visits to Santa. The kids spent a portion of the day working on the letters to take to Santa that night.  He gives each kid a special Santa dollar with his head on it. We sip hot chocolate at the fire station, sing Christmas songs together, then do the countdown for the lights to go on.  You feel like you are actually in a Hallmark Movie, and I love it!

 Gino is becoming an excellent artist, and puts so much detail into his work.
 Lorenzo talked about Santa all day and freaked out once he saw him.  He went up with me but was more comfortable going up with his best buddies.  Best way to kick off the holiday season.
Last but not least "Hilder Hair" Giada wanted her hair like Hilder. After a quick laugh, I knew exactly what she meant.  Everyone that knows and loves Hilder, recognizes this hair do.  Stef AKA Hilder is off on her new adventure, and we love our FaceTime check ins!