Sunday, April 15, 2018


Happy New Year! The past few years we have headed up the mountain to Graeagle for New Years. This year we stuck around, and last minute made Cioppino and had a few friends over that were also with no plans. Good times had by all.

Winter break with friends.
 LEGO obsessed, these two!
 Who says it is too cold and rainy out for ice cream???

2017 in REVIEW - I always like looking at the top 9 pics from the year on Instagram.
  Such fun memories from the year.  NYC, Anniversary, Holidays, 1st day of school.

Fun day on the ranch with Chloe & Joe Barbera.  The Barbera's just had baby #3, and Gino was so sweet to take the big kids on an adventure and give Erica a break at home with the new addition.

 Basketball time.  Both kids are pumped to play Upward this year. This was Mike's first time coaching, and I think he has the bug. Giada loved it, and he really enjoyed helping each girl grow in her skills throughout the season.  We had a few girls that had never played before and coach Adam and Mike did a great job with them.

This guy is just here for the snacks!

 Happy birthday to Kam!
 Our Sydney girl had a rough month. She had a massive growth removed, but is on the mend. As of this post (April) she is doing great, back to her old self, and all healed up! I was really worried about this one. The vet told me it was more dangerous to leave this growth on her than the worry of putting her under at her age. So, off to surgery we went!  Good thing I had the best vet helper around to keep me company. 

 Good Foods Celebration.   Mike went up to accept the award for our company this year.  Hot Virgin Jalapeno was the big winner. As a bonus we got some time with our fellow winners, the Oliver Family.  This business has allowed us the opportunity to meet many amazing people and this Georgia family is at the top of the list.  So glad the girls could finally meet. One of these years we will make it there to see those Sunflowers in person.  It was Giada's birthday weekend, so she spent it in the city with us.

 Of course this girl wanted crab for her birthday dinner.  She did not understand why it isn't all you can eat at a restaurant, as it is at Crab Feeds. Fun spending the weekend with her all by herself. Special memories.

 Then we put her to work slinging olive oil. Thanks Linds, for sneaking her away for lunch.
 Boys didn't look like they were missing us at all!

 On her actual birthday I had to leave early to get back to the city for meetings. We had an early celebration before school, cake pops for her class and she was headed to dinner with Gino and Dad.

 Spoiled, she even got to sneak in so fun after school with Auntie Kristen.  Nail shop for the win.
 Crab Feed! Possibly one too many drinks, but what a fun night out!
 It always seems like a good idea at the time. 
 These two have been friends since birth and are just growing up SO fast.

It's a wonder that this guy has made it this long. "Hampse" seemed to enjoy his first tractor ride.

This year Nonni and Patsy took Giada for the day to celebrate her birthday. They were off to the American Girl Store. Caroline got her hair fixed and a new basketball outfit to boot.  
She even got a pet hamster herself. No trip to the American Girl store is complete without popping into the Williams Sonoma Store in Palo Alto to check on our Calivirgin products.
I am tired just reading all the celebrating Giada did. This year it was so special to not have a big party and have 1:1 time with her and all the loved ones in her life.  I hope she enjoyed it as much as we all did. 9!! How is she 9??

Thursday, March 1, 2018


December started off with a bang. This brave boy had a surgery at Oakland Children's.  Dr. Betts, who did his emergency surgery when he was a few weeks old, came to the rescue and took care of us once again. Gino had a hole sewn up and is now in good shape. 
The hardest part was forcing him to sit still and rest.
 They gave him Legos to play with before surgery, they sure know the way to this boys heart.

Holiday dinner, love an excuse to have a nice dinner with friends.
 Painting ornaments is SO much fun!

 "Look mom, my new fur holds this snow globe"
Gino loves this the old treasure that got passed down from a family member. 
 Helping Nana and Pops choose the perfect size tree.

 Birthday brunch for Steph.
 Ready for the Light Parade.

We are always rushing a little to take our holiday photos. We either have to do them super early before harvest, which rarely happens, or in December when we have 673 other things going on. Thank you again Stephanie Moe for working with us and capturing these shots; on a day when I thought that may be impossible. The joy of taking family photos.  Mike had the idea of us all dressing up and it was fun to do something different!

 Annual Mother Daughter Party this year was at Marla's house. What a fun night, eating delicious food, (we all crave Hilda's tamales all year long) lots of drinks, and lots of laughs!
This year it was a small group but that didn't stop us from having fun.
Country Girls, just missing our Summer Lee. My Lockeford Besties!
 Mom- she is one of the best in the business! Thank you for all you do for me and our family, everyday! Couldn't do this life without you! XO
So we have been doing this party for over 20 years. This year the moms decided to hold the gifts. We hope that is not a tradition that carries on and we made sure to ask them what the heck they were doing! 

 Hilder had just left for Cambodia so we made sure to call and FaceTime with her!
As the night progressed, the photos looked more like this.... I suck at the kissy face photo, so clearly I decided to abort the mission and just smile. Pictures late in the evening are all bad, and so awesome at the same time! Love making memories, and eating caramel corn with you girls! :-)
 Giada and Tatum became fast friends while playing at the ranch. This kitten is well loved.

 Not sure there is much better than matching PJs on kids.  I am so glad they still seem to think its awesome too. Nonni and Nonno took us all on a Polar Express adventure.

Santa Bingo - Since our school is very well known for it's Friday Bingo Nights, the kids were happy to get in on the action they always have heard about.

 Next stop Christmas Pageant. Giada had a singing part this year with her buddy Jordyn, and she was thrilled. I think we heard the song 582 times prior to the pageant, but she did a great job. I would never had had the courage to sing to entire church full of people at that age!  Gino this year didn't fall asleep through the pageant, or pick his nose on stage, and actually sang, so it was a WIN all around!

 Gingerbread houses with 4th grade reading buddies.
 Painting a beautiful canvas for the 3rd Grade Christmas Party

 We are lucky to have a few great sitters that we have used throughout the years. A couple that are free during the day that have been super helpful for us.  Thank you to Bailey and Courtney for watching little Lorenzo and taking him and the kids on fun adventures. Courtney and L went to see Morgan's Christmas program. Looks like he was enjoying himself.  Then some fun with Bailey at Gingerbugs.

 Coldani Christmas - Ninja Cookie Decorating

 Happy 40th to Scottie Bear Meyer. Even the kids had fun at 5 Windows Brewery.

Books with Ran!
No shortage of cookie decorating this month.

 Christmas Eve with the Fuhrmans.  Giada was happy to have Reindeer hair from Auntie Steph

 Thanks Katie for entertaining them all!
PJs are on...we better get home before head home before Santa arrives.
SANTA CAME! The smiles make the holiday madness all worth it. 
Personalized volleyball and pottery kit for Giada.
 I am sure the boys will be super safe with these swords! Favorite part of their stockings.
BAYMAX! This boy loves the movie Big Hero 6!

 I told the kids that Santa DOES NOT bring live pets. I am not sure what happened here, but "Hampse" has arrived and Gino couldn't be happier.
 Christmas Lunch at Nonni's house.
 This looks like it could be a problem......
The kids and I quickly went down to SLO to visit the Clarins for 24 hours. 
The beach is good for the soul. We missed the Schafers!!

 Delicious meal at Cracked Crab.  Girls were in heaven.

Gino wanted it documented that he finally tried some crab.

 Ice cream in downtown SLO before we hit the road.
 Before we drove out of town, I took the kids on a little ride through campus. LOVE CP, hopefully we can convince one or all of them to go there! Go Mustangs.

 Made a little stop by dad's old stopping grounds, too.
These two have so much fun together. Lorenzo has a love for Marli "Maree" that is not matched by many others.  Fun day at the park.