Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas pics!, Randoms & lots of cousin love!

How could I have forgotten to post these pics! We took some with Stephanie Moe for our Christmas Cards. Mike was still in harvest so just pics of the kids. Not the easiest session on either kids part. But finally I did something to make them laugh! 

This week is full of random pictures. We have spent more time at home this week and just been goofing around. Lots of cousin time too!

Gino thought it was hilarious to give the pacifier to Minnie. We are working on weaning him off and only giving it to him in his crib or's a start!

Giada requests pictures now when she wants them. So I always jump on those opportunities; since usually when I want them she tells me, "it's not a picture day"

 Oh Gino, hats, high heels and dress up clothes, he loves it!

Steph and I took a long walk to breakfast last week. We love having them live so close!

Happy Birthday Alexa. Kids had a blast at the gymnastics place.
The weather has been so beautiful we have been heading to the lake in the evenings to let the dogs run and kids play. It is cold but beautiful. Belle swims out in the water exactly 1 time, then has Syd do all the work and she just steals the toy!

Stella and Cain, 2 days apart had some playtime!
 Big girl sits up now, has 2 fang teeth on top as her mom calls them, and has started getting up on all out the crawling is happening soon!
Gino wants to hug/hold Stella these days we have to always be on the watch!

Mornings are wild around here. Kids have been sleeping in a little past 6 then we play in their rooms for awhile. They love to strip the pjs off and this particular morning they were pretending to go swimming!
 Gino still goes to bed real early so it is fun to have a few hours with just Giada. Special treat to the yogurt shop!

Puzzle time!
Cousin Love!

Babies are so sweet when they are sleeping!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years, Monsters Inc & Graeagle

Happy New Year! 
Best pic we could get with 4 toddlers!  The littles went to bed early but Giada and Dylan made a good run at it.  D made it to midnight and G was a few minutes shy of making it. Fun night had by all! 
Here's to 2013!

 Of course Dylan is looking cute and listening to my countdown for the smiles! All I wanted was one "Cheers" pic - lol
First ones to bed, first ones up!
 Monsters Inc with Nana and Pops! Seve and Giada had a fun afternoon at the movies!

 Fort fun at Nana's

For those of you that know this life size doll Giada has, you will be happy to know that sometimes now Giada tucks her in at night! It's super creepy when it looks like a real person in bed. She has been sleeping on the floor with her new sleeping bag a couple nights a week, so that leaves room in her bed.

 Happy Birthday Cooper!!
 Cute pic of miss Stella on her trip to Colorado!

 This past weekend we headed to Graeagle. I love seeing the deer! It didn't snow while we were there but there was a TON of it. We tried snowshoeing and it was a lot of fun! We brought the sled too which was nice when Giada needed a break. It's a good workout!

 Snow angels and spraying the snow kept them occupied for hours!
 We pulled back the winter coat on the bear for a few pics.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas & Preston's Birthday

Merry Christmas! Santa came by for a visit. Giada of course did not want to use the cute plate we made for Santa but a Tinkerbell plate; and carrots for the reindeer too! This year Giada asked for a Barbie and dream lite.  I never had Barbies, my mom got me one for graduation from high school as a joke.  But the kids like what they like!  
 Try to get photos of the kids by the tree...not happening..

Giada got an early Christmas Present from dad. A ladybug necklace. She has yet to take it off.  Mike and I don't tell each other what we get the kids, so it is fun for us too. 
Dad playing with all the new princesses! Gino got Giada the whole set, and Giada's favorite thing to do is put the wrong dress on the dolls and have you guess who is who??

Santa brought Giada a hermit crab.  She was first named Tinkerbell, then Rosetta, now Periwinkle! Seems to be a hit, although as predicted I am doing most of the feeding.  These things are more high maintenance then I remembered.  And of course you know what she wants to bring to show and tell this week! Hope we can keep her alive! So far, so good.

Pics with Grandma Carol

 We do a bit of running around between both families for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I love the family time.  Everyone knows Pops loves AL. Giada picked out this huge sticker decal for his shop.
 And Pops always has a funny gift up his sleeve. For Matt and I, or really the kids rather, he got these huge remote control FISH! Always something with pops! Matt got a trout and we got Nemo!
Sleepy boy on Christmas. Poor guy had a double ear infection the next few days.
Merry Christmas Stella Jean!
One of the fun things to do after Christmas is play with your new toys. Gino flipped this lawn mower over and started working on the bottom with his tools - it was classic.
New "Giada" straw

Lately Giada decides if it's a "picture day or not" as she calls it.  Or, she requests photos....

The Kanter's were in town for the holidays so we were able to celebrate Preston's birthday!  I had never been to the new Chuck e Cheese; kids had a blast; but to us parents it was not the same with out the character show!!

 When I have an oil day, the kids play at Nana's. No shortage of fun there.  Giada usually says to me, "Are you going to do oil work aaagggain?? "

 When you have a sister that loves princesses...

 Do you think we look alike??