Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Light Parade, Mother Daughter Party, Santa Visit

Love the holidays and all the activities that come with it!
Started December off with the light parade. Always a fun tradition downtown Lodi. Not too cold out this year, and fun that the Shively's were in town from Oregon.

Case was a good sport and the die hard Bears fan wore the Niner hat after losing a bet to Kristen and I. GO NINERS!!

Seems we were winning sports bets lately. Mike had a bet with Trent for the A's vs Twins..so they Diehls made us a great dinner and the girls got to play. Peyton is growing up!! Go TWINS!

Annual "Sarah's in town Christmas Tree Run"
Lindsay and Terri hosted the Mother Daughter Party this year. Good time had by all!

The infamous tree from the Graeagle trip, finally decorated and so far Giada hasn't pulled it down!

Visit with Santa....."I'm not so sure about this guy mom......"
"Don't even think of making me sit with him...."

"Of course I'm fine if you sit with me!" (Poor Santa might have had a crushed leg!!)

Holiday Pictures!
One of the pics from the 10 month photos, never did the 9 month as planned

Giada LOVES to hug everything now it's so cute. Dog, toys, people!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 months, engagements, swing video

First of all congratulations are in order to Gina and Scott and Matt and Steph, who both got engaged last week. Next year will be a busy one for the Fuhrman's and the Coldani's. Can't wait to celebrate!!

Gina and Scott
Matt and StephI'm a little late in posting this 10 month photo...but here it is. Tried to be creative this month as the cute block idea no longer works AT ALL. But she loves this hammock swing so the distaction is easier this way. She is getting lots of teeth these days and always chomping on her fingers.

She has been busy learning lots of new things this month:
- playing peek a boo with herself
- learned how to wave
- working on giving hi-five
- stands well on her own
- takes a few steps here and there, most is up to 4, but would prefer to crawl super fast everywhere
- 4 teeth now on the top. She got her "fangs" first but the middle teeth are quickly catching up (and looking quite crooked)
-she knows a few words, if we tell her to get her monkey, she knows just who that is and goes and gets it, she seems to understand a few things, so that has been a fun change
- loves to pull her socks off and thinks its very funny - she steps on them with one foot to get them off with the other
- eating more and more, the nursing is slowly coming to a stop so that will be a big transition for her soon
-slept 4 whole hours in a ROW for the first time the other night. It only happened once, but I consider it progress, we have been working on the sleeping the last couple weeks
- loves to chew on pickles, makes a weird face every once in awhile, but seems to love chewing on them. You'd think if she likes that flavor she would eat anything!!
- not a big fan of sweets - what kid doesnt like bannanas!!!!???
-hair is getting long and thick
-loves to drop and throw things for a willing participant to pick up for her
-and has started dancing to music, its too cute, she bobs her knees up and down

Practicing for Christmas - tearing up all the ribbon
Loves climbing in and on top of everything!
And she loves the swings!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cathing up...Thanksgiving Post

I'm catching up...here is the Thanksgiving post.

Gelbart continued the tradition and visited us on Thanksgiving again this year. Fun to keep the tradition alive and makes me happy that Zac's family is from Sacramento so I get to see her often. Plus for you Zac! We did a little bridesmaid dress shopping but I'll keep those photos under wraps for those of you attending the wedding next June. Giada did some playing at Nana's house while we were dress shopping!

Stopping to smell the flowers! (try to ignore her first boo-boo on her forehead!)

Then we did the annual Thanksgiving run. Lindsay and Jaime joined me....it wasn't the same without you Reich! Jaime convinced me to run 6 miles...which I haven't done since May 2008!!
But, it went better than expected and I made it the whole way without walking. However, I COULD NOT walk for the next 2 days - my ankles to my thighs were in pain. ...and I haven't run since. :)

Dinner Wed night with my fam, and Thursday Thanksgiving lunch with Mike's fam. Always fun to see the family and catch up!Then we were off to Graeagle with my parents, Matt and Steph. It was their first time up there and fun to show them around. We did lots of relaxing and eating. We had QUITE the adventure getting the trees. I thought it would be fun to go cut our own trees this year. We'd take a cute family photo cutting Giada's first tree...WRONG. Quick story is...the truck was sliding off the snowy mountain more than once, had to be towed by the other car and had to drive backwards down the mountain, then we almost rear ended the other car. Quite the day, we couldn't wait to get safely to Truckee and have a beer!!!

It's snowing!The boys getting our trees! Thanks Matt and Mike!Thanks to Giada I was able to stay warm in the car some of the time.Doesn't my dad look thrilled with my idea to cut trees! :)Think it was safe to drive with the huge trees hanging out the back of the car??Matt's puppies are getting so big!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catching up...San Diego, Marla's Shower..and more!

Well....I think this is the first time in the last 2 years that I've gone this long without a post. Sorry for the delay the last few weeks have been SUPER busy.

So here is post 1 and I'll do post 2 tomorrow with the Thanksgiving update.

Past few weeks events....

Marla's baby shower, turned out to be a beautiful evening. Marla was showered with wonderful things for Jared Jr., who we all can't wait to meet in January.

The Decor
Jeanne and I poured oil and vinegar at Abundance Winery for "The First Sip" tasting event a few weekends ago. Saturday was much busier than Sunday, but overall a success. Looked like everyone was having a good time. Next year maybe I'll enjoy the event and do the wine tasting one day and oil tasting the other!

My good friend Julie Cannon(Hager) was in town for a few days and we had the pleasure of taking her to her first(and probably last) Biroldi feed in Linden with the Avansino's. I can't say I love it either, but once a year - it's a good time had by all. While Julie was in town we also took family photos too. Giada was a champ considering she had her first fever and cold that week....and it was 30 degrees out the morning we did the photos. Ill post some soon. Thanks again Jul for taking them. A couple pics of Giada pretending to drive...she loves it.

Then we were off to San Diego to pour oil and vinegar at the San Diego Food and Wine Festival. It was a beautiful weekend and great time to catch up with family and friends while we were in town. We always try to fit everyone in, the visits were nice, although short! My mom came along with us and spent the weekend with her siblings and took care of Giada while we were at the event. They hit up the famous Merry Go Round too! Giada was great on the plane and slept both directions!
Mike, Scott, Gina and I at the booth
Our beautiful view from the booth

Breakfast with the Dean's and Filice's
A day in San Diego with Nana MacLaggan Crew(some of)Random pics from the week....

Library with Nana