Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Gino Ray Coldani!

Well even though I had made some progress at my last appointment, nothing happened over the weekend so we spent some time playing with Giada and enjoying our last few days as a family of 3. Giada and I even went to the movies. She did pretty well, we saw Winnie the Pooh and it held her attention, I think she loved eating the popcorn the most!!

We had some family pics taken by BW photography before our new little guy arrived.

We went in early on Tuesday July 19th. I forgot to take a picture before I went here it is the last one in the beautiful hospital gown!! Here we go!!
It was a long day of waiting.....I was given pitocin, water broken and more waiting. Little guy was making no progress and in fact moving upward!! The contractions were OUT OF CONTROL and the epidural was working somewhat on my legs but NOT on my back at all. It felt like a knife was digging in my back...lovely I know! Then his heart rate started dropping from time to time. The nurses would rush in and quickly have me move around to try and fix the problem. They were able to fix it a few times, and thought he either had a short umbilical cord or it was wrapped somewhere. Then they started throwing around C section. I got upset for a minute but then decided to not worry about it, since there was nothing I could do....but I really wanted to avoid it if we could. One thing lead to another and they tried giving me something to relax and adding fluid. Finally the combination of things we were trying worked and it was time to get him out! It took quite awhile. And then they started talking about C section again since we couldn't get him out. They were giving me a couple more tries and got the vacuum out too. Finally we got him out! He was sunny-side up, coming out sideways, and had the cord wrapped around his leg!! It's no wonder we were having trouble. The nurses nicknames him "Stinker"

Gino Ray Coldani 7 lbs. 1oz. 19 in. @7:14

Looks a lot like Giada here to me.
Big sister coming in to meet brother!
When Giada met him she said "He's not in your tummy!"
Lots of visitors in the hospital help the day go by quick!!
The next Coldani is here...

Uncle Matt

The girls! (Sorry we missed you in the pic Mel!)
Dr Gill
My amazing nurses!!
OWe didn't get pictures of everyone but we had visitors in and out all weekend!
On the 2nd day she came in to see him again at the hospital she shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you" She also brought me some balloons and said "Happy Mothers Day" - too funny.
I forgot how tiny they are!!
Headed home! Hope he likes the car better than his sister!
Best pic we could get of Sydney meeting him, I think she is so used to kids, she didn't care about us bringing another one home!
The Clarins make a stop on their way back to SLO.
Great Grandma Barbara
Great Grandma Carol
Great Aunt Ran
Adventures at home! Little Gino had to go back to the hospital for one night for jaundice, otherwise all seems to be well. We are all adjusting at home. Giada seems to be doing great. She loves to hold him and check on him. Some of the things she says, "He's eating again?" "He's crying again?" Boys are a little different than girls and sure enough I've already been peed on...learned that lesson. As it was happening Giada was laughing telling me "He's peeing on you!" She always wants to know where he is "Wheres that baby" "Where'd my baby go" "That babies name is Gino" He is very active when he is awake kicking his arms and feet all around. He kicked a ton inside my tummy so it's no surprise to me he is so active!! The thing we didn't expect was Giada to now seem so big.
She thought that her baby should take a nap with brother as well....

She wanted to hold him, asked to have her picture taken, then shut her eyes on purpose!

She never seems to mind if he is crying when she is holding him, she is still enjoying herself.
I forget how much they sleep when they are this little!! He looks so sweet when he is sleeping.
Overall we are adjusting well. Thank you so much for all the calls, notes, dinners and well wishes!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Week...

This past week, we have finished up the nursery (it's about time right!?) had a few play dates and just been hanging out. Since we didn't know if the baby was coming we didn't plan much.

Well as you have guessed...he is not here yet.

We headed down to Farmers to pick up Giada's pottery we painted the week before and grabbed ice cream. They turned out beautifully!! lol! I should make a bet on how long these ceramic pieces last. I've tried to get her to keep them upstairs on the carpeted area of our house, but I'm sure you can guess how well that is going. Of course we had to stop and take a pic with the bear! And she definitely doesn't like that the statues are now gone she loved them!
We went to the lake one afternoon to let Sydney swim around. The weather has been so nice it's hard to believe we are in July! A little windy though! Giada worked hard to catch these minnows! She kept saying"look how many!"
She has been playing around with this kid set of clubs...maybe golf is in her future???
And a short attention span!!

Nursery pics
I finally found some bedding I liked, nothing I thought I would like, and it's a little bit of a zoo theme but then we found a way to add these cute stripes to the wall and incorporate the Giants and Twins stuff that no longer had a home once we cleared the room out. I think it is all coming together finally. Thanks KR for the great idea! I will hang some things over his bed, probably newborn photos? Need to figure that part out. Hard to tell from the pics, but you get an idea, and look Dru we even found a place for the bear!

Baby Update
- Had an appt Wednesday I was already at 2cm and 60% so the doctor and I both didn't think I'd make it to Tuesday, my induction date. But here we are on Sunday and nothing! So maybe Tuesday will be the day. I feel great, so I can't complain but at this point I'm ready to get the show on the road and stop waiting around. Tomorrow I'll try to do some fun things with Giada before our the new guy arrives.

Giada Update
- We have been talking about all the things she can help me with when brother comes, she says " Can I chase him around?" I laughed and said maybe when he is older. Her questions have been funny about him. She also asked "why does he have to sit backward" when I put his car seat in the car.
- She has been doing a lot of singing in the car. But she has you sing one song and she sings another. It's usually you sing "Pop goes the weasel" and she sings "Wheels on the bus" but I'm trying to listen to her and see if she is really singing that song and I mess my song up and she totally calls me out on it, the whole thing is pretty comical.
-"What the heck" is a new favorite phrase
-Definitely is taking things out of the fridge and freezer at her leisure. She will bring a glass jar and say "it's breakable be very careful" this whole situation is just an accident and mess waiting to happen
-She is such an ant collector, she finds a couple and holds them in her hand for so long. Then can't understand where they have gone until I find one crawling on her shirt or something...she is too much.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Play dates!

This week we had lots of play dates. The Clarins were heading up to Oregon and made a dinner stop at our house to play for a couple hours. Always a pleasure to see them and Brandon was teaching Giada a thing or 2 on the iPad!

Heather and I took the kids to the Mud Mill to paint some pottery then to Dancing Fox for lunch. The kids had fun and we had a nice visit too. Funny, we had both asked the kids what they wanted to paint before we got there. Seve said " a pickle" and Giada said "a pink alien" Where do they come up with this stuff! Seve settled on a shell and a whale, Giada a shell and a princess. We haven't gotten the final result back but it was big fun!

We had a few play dates with Peyton this week, and no good pictures to show for it. One day we headed to the Funtastic Center in Elk Grove. Preston came along to play and Amelia too!

This weekend we got lots done around the house, and the bassinet is in our room and ready for his arrival. But we also managed a trip to Sonoma. We had lunch with the Barbera's - always nice to catch up with them, and then off to a 25th wedding renewal. My brother in law Scotts parents were celebrating their 25th. We enjoyed a nice evening in their beautiful backyard and got another visit in with Scott and Gina! We are getting spoiled seeing them so much!
Big hugs for Zia Gina!

Baby watch continues! I have an appointment Wednesday so I should know more then. I'm fortunate to still be feeling great. I am getting a little anxious at this point and am ready to meet him. I tried to get some oil things in order today in case he comes early. No real contractions yet, so I just carry on life as usual. I have kept the week pretty clear and weekend too....just in case!! I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Graeagle for the 4th!

This year sticking to tradition we headed to Graeagle to celebrate the 4th of July! We had a big group this year. Every year different people come and it's always a blast. Lots of food, drinking and games.....and this year lots of kids! I'm pretty sure no one had a shortage of fun, or tooling out! Pancake breakfast at the firehouse, volleyball, kickball, adults on a slip n slide(always entertaining), and one of the best firework shows I've seen! Good times! And best of all I didn't have the baby while I was up there. I tried to not worry about that, although I had plenty of people worrying for me!

Giada was not being cooperative for KR's photos this weekend, and doing a frown on purpose, which was actually funny.

Then once in awhile she would do one for Bre

Peyton is always sweet as ever!
Giada loves Aubrey....

There are a million pics from the weekend to post but I am running out of time this here are a few shots of the gang this year!
Fireworks! We tried to take our annual photo with the fireworks in the background...did not turn out the best this year. She did enjoy them for the most part, said they were loud sometimes and covered her ears. Her favorite were the "green ones" and they went "boom boom"
Uncle Scott was getting tired out with the kids making him play in the ball pit for hours!!
Story time with "Uncle" Scott

At the pancake breakfast - of course we took a ride in the fire trucks!
Then Giada also had everyone wearing the fire hat.
Kernal and I watched as the kids pushed and pulled EVERY button...hope they check those before they take off next time!

4th of July Hair Flair!
This year Giada spent some time on this bounce obstacle course at the park.
She didn't want to get off!

Always need our pictures on the bear!
We tried to get all the kids on the bear.....we managed it in 2 pics, but not all 4 on 1!

Coldani Pics! Even Gina and Scott made it this year!

The boys
The girls
The whole gang!

The kids did "Ring around the Rosie" at least 30 times in a row one day. They pulled various adults into the circle from time to time, then we got them to do it themselves. They were having so much fun!

We came home on Sunday so Monday didn't feel like the 4th to us since we had already celebrated. We stopped over to see my parents...and Pops got stuck with the hat this time.
We did see some fireworks, wore our hair flair all day, and had fun with sparklers!
Funny things Giada has done this week...
- When we were in Graeagle we were walking from one unit to the next and she said " Ill go find my friends, you go find your people!"
- She has been trying to snap and moves her fingers but then says "click click" with her mouth
-She likes to tell you secrets. So she told me she wanted to tell me a secret, which she did, then proceeded to lick my ear!!!!! It was so wet and gross. I don't know who taught her that, she won't sell them out!! Now I'm of course leery of the secrets, but now she will say "I won't lick it"
-We were waiting in line to eat and a guy had a tattoo on his arm, she said "That guy has words on his arm daddy"
- She sings a TON of nursery rhymes, with some of her own words mixed in, I keep trying to video but then she stops. She only wants you to sing with her if she requests!
-Definitely a 2 yr old these days :) "I do it myself"
- She pronounces most words pretty well but she says "somefing" instead of "something" it's always interesting what they say
-Constantly doing her "magic trick" aka somersault for everyone now that she has mastered it
-Going to bed SO late, but sleeping until 7 or after which is a treat!!

Well.....some of you requested a belly pic, at this point they are just looking ridiculous!!
Appointment tomorrow. 15 days to go if I make it the whole time. I feel good so far. The heat is a bit much with these 100 degree days, but this heat is bad for everyone!! Still feeling good and making major progress on his room and name. Ill post pics soon. Clothes are washed and put away! Going to storage tomorrow to get out the car seat and bassinet.....just in case. Now for packing that hospital bag! Ill keep you posted! Oh, and the name is finalized! Stay tuned! :)