Thursday, September 29, 2016


JULY! Always some traditions and birthday's that are fun to celebrate this month. Right after NYC we headed to Graeagle to spend the 4th. Always a great time with family and friends, eating and drinking ourselves silly.  Lorenzo has mastered climbing on everything. He is another curious climber like his big brother.
 I can sleep pretty much anywhere, and it seems Giada has also mastered the skill.
 The GE bear looks pretty small now with all the kids getting so big.


 New this year, joining the parade.  Crew 'Merica was ready to get this bike party started.  #NONAPGANG

 Lots of time spent at the park and the pool this summer!

 Art class with Made by Mo.  Love that you can see their personalities in their paintings. In the group photo Gino is the only one who drew his horizontal, he has always had a mind of his own, and I love it.
 Happy Birthday Mason! Thank you KR for taking the big kids!!

 Fun in the sun with this duo!
 Soccer with cousin Stella.  The Red tomatoes had a great season. Gino finally loved playing and even got in trouble for slide tackling. Oops....he said that's the way I can kick the ball the farthest.  Can't argue with that logic. Stella wasn't quite sure about soccer but by the end got the hang of it.
 Fuhrman's head to Colorado.

 Coldani's head to Santa Cruz.  July birthday boys enjoying the Boardwalk.

 Super fun for the moms and the kids when you run into friends!

 Tall enough to grab the rings all by herself, which makes this carousel so awesome.


Also tall enough for the Giant Dipper. Mike and I both had so much fun going on this with her. I had forgotten what a great Roller coaster it is, and a classic!

 Not sure what we will do when Lorenzo is big enough, we have too many kids for one boat!
 Celebrating Gino turning 5 and Cole turning 3!
 Great weather for a day at the beach.

 Totally normal to do somersault on the beach...right?
Giada must have collected 50+ Sand Dollars. I couldn't believe how many were washing up. I still haven't looked it up, but I imagine it must be a certain season this happens.  I tried to explain to her how rare this is to find. I have only found a few whole Sand Dollars my whole life!

Mike had fun teaching the kids how to body board. He has such great memories doing that with his sister and friends in Santa Cruz growing up.  They all caught some good waves. I think Mike had just as much fun as they did, maybe more.

 Carter was there too!
 Coldani Family Reunion hosts for this year had a great painting project for the kids.  
Sandy footprints and all.

Before leaving to head home, we snagged a few more rides on the Boardwalk and tired them all for a quiet ride home. Naps all around.

 Kids thought dad was pretty awesome to make all the shots to win so many basketballs.
We came right home to celebrate this big 5 year old with a Shark swimming party.
Thanks for the party set up Clarin! 

 I won't put them all here...just a few, but nobody got away without a shark mouth photo.

 The Clarin Ohana's stayed in town a few extra days and we made the most of our time together. Lake, fishing and WOW museum.

 Birthday donuts in the morning and cake in the afternoon.
 It's a good day if you never get out of your PJs!
 This guy is thrilled with his new "Big Boot" guys for this trucks. Lorenzo just likes to throw them all over the house.  I guess that is a win-win around here.
July wasn't too busy(lol) so we thought we should head to Oregon too!  Happy 40th Case!
 (Almost all photos courtesy of KR Gramm)

 LHS Soccer in 1994 met these beauties! Thanks for taking this county girl in!
This girl, always frog or bug hunting!

 Thanks for the breakfast Jim & Joan.  Loved walking over to your place.

 This boy is ALWAYS eating!
 Oh Garrett!!
I would say we definitely broke in Case's new bar.

These 3 kept us on our toes this summer but we had a lot of fun too. Lorenzo is running around as fast as he can trying to keep up with the big kids.  His words are coming along, waving, sleeping better, and finally getting more teeth.  That crazy hair continues to grow at a fast rate too. 
 School will be here before we know it.