Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year!

It was SO nice to have 5 days off, I can't remember the last time that happened. Now that Sunday is almost over, I'm actually ready to log onto my computer and check out a few work items in the morning. It's my last official week of work, so that is a new transition for me. I'm really only on call from now on, and going in for my last day on Tuesday. Crazy to think Im only 3 weeks away. She is moving more and more and running out of room. I'm still very fortunate to be feeling great. Getting a little swelling on the feet and hands, but certainly can't complain.

Christmas was busy for us as usual. Although it's wonderful to have both families in town, it makes for lots of running around at the holidays. Both our families are very accomodating and make the meal times a few hours apart so we have time to rest our bellies before eating another big meal.

A few shots from Christmas eve at my parents house. Why we didn't all take a photo together....I'm still not sure.

Mike and I (as you can see belly is growing by the second!

Matt, Steph and Mya

My parents and my moms sister and husband (can you tell my dad is thrilled to be in the photo!)

This weekend I also had the pleasure of having lunch with Zac and Jaime. Zac's family is from Sac so I get to see her at the holidays when they are in town which is always a nice treat. Jamie- how was the bread? :)

And just a cute photo of the pets. It still cracks me up that they are the best of buddies. Sydney was just napping on her bed and Max strolled over and laid right next to her.

Have a great week and a safe and Happy New Years!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season...

As if holiday parties weren't enough this time of year. We thought we'd throw in a wedding and couple birthdays just to make us even busier.

Tuesday night we had the Coldani office Christmas party, it was a good time, with great food. I had to pass on the wine and limoncello, but it's fun that Nick works at the office so the Kernals can join in on the fun. Always great to see Dylan too of course.

Then off to SF for my work Party. We had a delicious dinner at Kuletos! Some photos below of Drew and all the girls and Lois and all the boys. Everyone drank plenty, it was a funny event to be sober! I have worked there for 5 years so its a weird feeling as I start working from home this week and not working much after December. I know they will be fine, but I worry about my clients!

Friday we headed to Fresno and Visalia for Riley Chaney's Wedding. Annie was a beautiful bride and it was great to visit with Gino and Erica during the reception.
We even ended up hitting Dog House Grill on the way home. For all you SLO Firestones lovers, its exactly the same as Firestones, but in Fresno...delicious!!

Saturday we came home and spent the evening celebrating Trent Diehls 30th bday. A Mexican fiesta and poker playing took place! Bre and I took a belly shot. She is only 6 weeks behind me and having a girl as well. She is FINALLY showing, and Im growing at a rapid pace.

Hilder and I showed up in the same outfit that night, so everyone thought it was funny to have a "Before and After" photo.

Sunday, I did sleep in which was nice, but didn't get much other relaxing done, trying to get all the last minute Christmas shopping done, baking and Christmas cards out!

The baby is moving a TON, which feels neat and weird at the same time. She has moved so at this point a C section isn't necessary so that is great news to me! I know where she is positioned so it's crazy to feel her feet and hands move in my stomach. Can't believe I'm in the last month! Moved the bassinet into our bedroom tonight and ordered the recliner for the baby room. She'll be here in no time!

Monday, December 15, 2008

35 Weeks

Well a couple days shy of 35 weeks, the time really is flying by.
Please keep asking "are you ready"....its more like "ready or not here she comes"

You can only plan so much. Yes I think we have the essentials, but until she is here you don't really know what to expect.

But what I do know is the next 2 weeks are busy as ever! Holiday parties, bday parties and our last wedding of the year!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having a Holiday Dinner with Kernals, Avansinos, Bruno, Timmer and Chris. Great to catch up with everyone. The drunken karaoke at the end of the night, may have been my favorite part. Or Chris reading some stories out of the "Thought of the Week" book and learning even more about the Timmer. ;)

Saturday I helped Summer get the UHAUL...whoo hoo she is finally moving into her beautiful new house in Lodi, its fun having her live so close. And only in Lodi, do you go to the coffee shop and get forced into taking a photo with Santa when you are not a kid!

I also helped Mikes mom and sister bake cookies all day. It was a long day but fun to visit and have some of the baking out of the way.

Saturday night my brother and Steph had a housewarming party. Their house looked great they have worked so hard on it the last month to get it ready to celebrate with family and friends.

Sunday I did do some resting, wrapped Christmas gifts, ran errands and watched football. Mike made a delicious Pesto Lasagna, and we kicked Bre and Trent's butt in fantasy and made it to the Championships....wish us luck, we'll need it.

Monday started my first day working from home. The flexibility is nice, but it is an adjustment. I did have the pleasure of visiting with Nicole and Jackie during the day which was nice. Jackie and Gianna came for a visit. While I was there they both slept, but looks like they were more active later in the day. Cute pics girls and Jacks- thanks for making the trip!!

Off to the doctor on Wed, and then I start my weekly appts, that means she is coming soon, scary! I have been having a little swelling lately but not too bad, still no complaints. Growing at a RAPID pace but to be expected at the end.

Until next week...have a good one!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy weekend, almost 34 weeks!

This weekend was super busy!

Friday night we went to dinner with friends and ended up staying out until 2am!
We went to a bar Id never been to in Lodi and it was very fun. Laid back bar, with music and a shuffleboard table.

Saturday morning it was off to the 1st annual "Sarah's in town" Holiday Run. We had a good group and did our own 5K around Lodi Lake. Kristen, her mom Patti, Sarah and Conner, Nicole and Dylan, Nat dogg, her cousin Megan, me and my mom. We got some exercise in early that foggy morning then went and had breakfast at the Rader family's new Chalkboard Cafe. Be sure to check it out, they serve breakfast and lunch and it was delicious! It's on California street, go have a bite!

Saturday evening was our annual Mother-Daughter Christmas "Fiesta" Party.
This year Marla and her mom Hilda were the gracious hostesses. We had a great time seeing everyone and their mothers too. I think this was the 11 or 12th year we have done it. Kristen, Patti and Sarah even came in costume! Nice work girls.

No rest for me, Sunday it was up early to go to the niners game. Tailgating of course! The niners even won, what a bonus. Summer LOVES Brett Favre, so that's why we went, it was fun to see him play although he pretty much underperformed that game.

All in all great weekend, but I'm exhausted and off to bed! As you can see I'm growing at a rapid pace. The doc said she is breech, so I'm trying to think positively that she will turn over before my due date....Id like to avoid a C Section at all costs!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Too funny not to post!

At one of my showers, I received the bouncer and swing. The generous gift givers had already put them together for us, so they have been hanging out in the dining room waiting for the baby to get here so she can use them.

Well...last weekend I noticed what looked like black hair in the bouncer- its tan, so easy to see. I told Mike, "Thats funny the cat must be checking out the new additions to the house, and left some evidence."

Well.... he left a lot of evidence this time. Guess he thinks that this is his new bed.

And I was worried about the dog thinking all the baby toys were going to be her toys...little did I know the cat would also be a problem.

Fun Fun I love my pets!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Well, it sure was nice to have 4.5 days off, cant remember the last time that happened!

Leading up to the holiday I spent my evenings organizing the baby room. Jaime was coming to visit and needed to sleep in the guest room where I was storing all the baby things. So it was a kick in the ass to get those things organized. So it feels good to have that completed. I havent done much else to the room yet, except hung a few paper lanterns. I wasnt sure how they would look but I like them and the stripes pull the green in which is nice.

Wednesday night we had Thanksgiving with my family. Its nice to break it up and have it on 2 days so we can eat a a lot at both families. This is my favorite meal of the year so I was super excited. Then we were off to downtown Lodi Wednesday Night. It was a big high school reunion and this year was no exception but always fun to run into some people we hadn't seen in awhile. But the highlight was getting to see Gelbart. Jamie was up in Sac visitng Zac's family but got to spend Wed night with us and Thursday morning for our annual Thanksigiving Run. (She even stayed up until midnight!) Lindsay, Matt(Lindsays brother), Kristen, Jaime and I all did the 5K Thursday morning. I did have to walk of course, but it is always nice to get some exercise in before those big meals!

The rest of the day was spent with Mikes family and watching movies in the evening. It was nice to just be home and relax for once, that rarely happens with us.

Friday we got our Christmas Tree and began the decorating along with a visit from Josh and Chayse. Only bummer about this weekend was not getting to see the Filice's. I had some phone issues and we missed eachother on this trip! ;(

Saturday we spent with Mikes fam bottling this years barrel of Cabernet! It didnt take too long and was fun to be able to do it while his sister Gina in town. This year we think the wine is better than last year. I cant wait to drink some, a sip did not quite do the trick. Saturday evening we also had Mikes St Mary's 10 year reunion. He seemed to have a good time catching up with everyone!

Today, finished off the tree and putting out all the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas so its fun to have the house decorated and all ready for the holidays.

And at almost 33 weeks, Im growing rapidly! I have my last ultrasound this Wednesday and can't wait. They can triple check its a girl, and we should be able to see her much better this time. Im almost to the point of having appointments every week, scary!

Hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blake Aaron Schafer is here!

Carrie and Aaron had Blake at 2:13 am this morning! He is 7lb 7oz and 17 inch long. He is healthy and Carrie is doing great. Her water broke around 9 last night and went to the hospital. She went all natural ( o drugs)...she said by the time she wanted them it was to late.

Jackie- thanks for the play by play!
Sara - thanks for the photos!
Carrie- you look great, cant wait to hear more about it.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

30 Weeks- Busy weekend!

Well 30 weeks has flown by and I'm sure the next 10 will too.
They finally got a new girl for me to train at work, so for the next few weeks I'm in the office, I'll be busy teaching her everything I know! ;) Last trip to SF tomorrow for work, which is nice but makes me realize January will be here before I know it.

This weekend we were home and got so many things done!

My brother and his girlfriend Stephanie bought a house and moved in about 2 blocks from us, so that has been so much fun.

This weekend I also had a shower with Jeanne's (Mikes Mom) friends. Everyone is so generous, this girl has a darling wardrobe! My mom crocheted a blanket for the baby too which will be the perfect thing to wrap her up in on her way home from the hospital.

While I was running errands and doing things around the house Mike and Josh were busy bees all weekend. They painted the room, put up chair rail, and then put all the furniture together. They got way more done than I had expected and now it feels much more real. The photos dont do it justice but atleast gives you a little visual. More to come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

SLO Weekend

This weekend we were off to Cal Poly Softball Almuni weekend in San Luis.
Always fun to be back in SLO, and always a ton of laughs with the softball crew.

Night 1 after a delicious dinner at Giuseppe's we joined Ness and Red downtown at Bulls. We were highly entertained by Nessas drunk brothers! And a stop at Bulls is always on the list while in town.

Saturday we had the Alumni softball game. I just watched but it was great to see all the girls in action again, especially Terras smash hit to bring in the RBI! Nice work Tub!

Saturday evening Terra and Jackie put on a wonderful joint shower for the 3 pregos, DS, Carrie and I. Carrie is ready any day to have Blake and DS is due with Zoie in late December.

Everyone was so generous with books and darling clothes! I cant wait to have her here to try them on!

We were also able to catch up with some other SLO peeps while we were in town. Great to see Steve, Brownlees, Fergie, Bogue, and Chayse!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lodi Shower

Almost 29 weeks and time is just flying by.
I can feel her kick more and more each day which is exciting!

This weekend my Lodi girlfriends threw me a beautiful shower.
Mike, the baby and I are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends around us!

Kristen, Summer, Nicole, Bre and Marla were very busy and did an amazing job.
Attached are a few pics I have so far, more to come.
Delicious food, yummy desserts, fun games, and books at add to her library!

I also had the pleasure of visiting with my good friends Jen and Adj who joined in the festivities and came up from LA. It was great to spend the weekend with them. Gave them the big tour of Lodi, did some shopping downtown and of course took them to Butcher Shoppee. Weird to think next time I see them I will have a baby - yikes!

Sarah Jane also made the visit down from K-Falls, Oregon and it was so great to spend her birthday with her on Friday. And the memorable trip to the airport was quite entertaining!! Did you find Nutty yet?

Thanks to all the travelers for making the trip down!