Friday, December 5, 2008

Too funny not to post!

At one of my showers, I received the bouncer and swing. The generous gift givers had already put them together for us, so they have been hanging out in the dining room waiting for the baby to get here so she can use them.

Well...last weekend I noticed what looked like black hair in the bouncer- its tan, so easy to see. I told Mike, "Thats funny the cat must be checking out the new additions to the house, and left some evidence."

Well.... he left a lot of evidence this time. Guess he thinks that this is his new bed.

And I was worried about the dog thinking all the baby toys were going to be her toys...little did I know the cat would also be a problem.

Fun Fun I love my pets!

1 comment:

Julie Cannon said...

that's pretty stinking funny! i'm not sure why max wouldn't have thought this was his bed!!!!