Sunday, May 28, 2017


I think I will stop talking about how behind I am each month. 
 That is pretty obvious with a post titled March. :-)

Our school has a fun tradition to celebrate Mardi Gras.  The kids all decorate masks and parade around after mass while Mr. Bailey the music teacher plays the trumpet. 

 Lorenzo loves to line things up.  He lines up all his cars lately, be careful where you are walking!
 Reesey is getting so big.
 The girls were so excited for Reconciliation.

 Happy Birthday Peyton!


 Last game of the season. Great season for both of them.  
They love running and the fast paced aspects of basketball!
All the essentials for a good nap.  Life- size Mickey Mouse, paci, milk... see you in an hour.
 Happy Birthday Nana. Cake celebration to celebrate this special lady.
 First Reconciliation has two special days.
The 2nd graders also had a mass celebration with the entire school, and reception.

 Blake Shelton - loved hearing the old songs and new. Golden One Arena has been a great venue.
 Say "cheese"
 Doing his "homework"
 Gino has really found an interest in drawing lately. Leprechaun!

 Spring Pictures in the Cherry Orchard with Stephanie Moe! Lorenzo makes the funniest expressions, and these photos remind me that Giada is growing up quickly.

 Snow weekend with friends.

 You know the boys played hard when they both pass out at the fire pit.
 Twinning on sports day!