Saturday, May 6, 2017


Valentine's photos w/ Bre Meyer. I always love making the kids take these, they change so much over the year.  Best cousin picture yet; all smiling and looking!
Love that I have the flexibility to to attend the kids class parties.   
For Valentine's Day we never go out to dinner. Mike always makes a surprise dinner for us. It has become a fun tradition and something I look forward to every year.  This is a bad picture, but this dessert was so delicious!
Before the Super Bowl, Mike and the kids joined the Diehl's on a 5K. This was Gino's 1st 5K running the whole thing. They both did awesome!

Fun with friends!

 I can't let the kids have all the fun. This thing really whips you around.
If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it!

100 Days of School Party

 This poster is funny because we didn't realize Giada accidentally brought home 2 of them. This was a 2nd grade assignment. He was so confused when he was the only kid in his class to bring one in.  His teacher was so sweet to let Gino read the whole thing to the class. He had worked so hard on it. He asked if he could save it to just turn in when he is a 2nd grader, but you know I told him that was a NO.

Bed head, and all snuggles in the morning.  A kid in his dads boots is a picture I LOVE.
Give this guy a basketball and that is all he needs to be happy.
Lorenzo loves Andy!
 Grandparents luncheon. The kids are so fortunate to have both grandparents here in town. I would only get to see my Grandparents a few times a year, and Nana and Grandpa who were local a few times a month. If the kids don't see one of them each day they are besides themselves.

 These two crazies.  It will be interesting to see where life takes them. They are third cousins (is that a thing?) and I think will get into far too much mischief when they are older. I don't think either one of them will tell the other one, " that's not such a good idea, maybe we shouldn't do that" - time will tell, I hope I am wrong on this prediction.

 Happy Birthday Reese!

 When you are with auntie, you get treats!

 Snow trip to Graeagle.  When we were last there for New Years we promised Gino we would come back when it was snowy. We had such a fun, lazy weekend. Most of the weekend included watching movies, taking walks, dance parties and sledding.  Sometimes it is just nice to get out of town and relax. 

 Free rides and snow eating for this guy.

 Big deal when you are chosen at church service to take up the gifts. "It's a big honor, " I was told.
 Birthday buddies. Celebrating 88 yrs & 2 yrs! A birthday wouldn't be complete without a visit to his Great Grandma Barbara's to wish her a Happy Birthday!
 Last night of being 1. (Picture me with the cry face here.) It is something about your last baby.  Hardest watching them grow up.
 Ginger Bugs opened not long ago and it has been a family favorite since day 1.  No better place to celebrate than at the Bug.  Thank you to Kelly Powell for making it so easy having a party there, she does all the hard work. Lorenzo has been obsessed with Mickey for quite some time and was blown away to show up to play and realize the party was for him.

The faces you make when you are loving your party!


 Sleepover with Chloe and Joe, we loved catching up!
Lorenzo 2 Years Old
-Still super easy to go to bed, which has been so nice since the big kids were never easy in this regard and still aren't. Sort of sleeps through the night, I struggle with this. Clearly if all 3 kids are bad sleepers, I'm doing lots of things wrong!
-Speaks very well, and listens to direction pretty well for his age
-Copies EVERYTHING the big kids do, good or bad
-Says "hold you" means "pick me up"
-Loves his paci, he will be harder to break than Gino was on that one
- Learning to jump and practices all the time
- Counts, sings ABC, knows many body parts, sings songs (Away in the Manger, Twinkle Twinkle, "On the Double" from Paw Patrol), animal sounds
-Talks to Alexa making requests, it is so funny!
-Obsession with Basketball. Ever since the kids started playing this past season. He loves to practice his dribbling and have you lift him up to shoot.
- Yells "Homework" over and over until you give him something to color or work on while the kids are doing their homework.
-" I do it"
- LOVES Paw Patrol and Mickey 
- Makes the close eyed "cheese face" if he sees a camera pointed in his direction.

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