Monday, January 26, 2009

More photos!

Hello- hope this works, here are some more photos from the first few days.
We have had visitors all weekend, which has been nice for everyone to meet her.
Also, had our 1st doctor appt today which makes you feel better. Certainly we had LOTS of questions as new parents. Mike headed to work for a few hours, so I'm my own for a bit, so far, so good ;)

World, here I am!

All the Lodi Aunties visiting at the hospital.
They kept me company all day! And have been brining by wonderful dinners.
What an amazing group of girls!

Proud daddy. Mike has been the best helper so far. Getting up with me all throughout the night, and doing things around the house that are normally "my jobs" - So far so good!

Nana and Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt and Auntie Steph

Mommy and Giada - our 1st night alone in the hospital

Meeting Sydney! Both pets are sure what to do yet with the new smells, all the visitors and not getting all the attention, but we're all adjusting!

Aunt Gina came to visit from SD, we were so glad to have her here!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giada Michela Coldani

Lets try this again..
I did a long post last night and it wouldn't save.
Nor did any of my texts go out at the here goes.
Thanks to Nicole and Linny for posting photos online for everyone to see.

The photos dont do her justice but it gives you an idea!

She was born on Thursday 1/22 at 2:27pm 7 lbs, 11oz 20in long.

Went in on Wed night and had the cervix softener put in. It must have worked because the rest went pretty smooth from there. Contractions started about 5am, and I lasted with them until about 8. They were for sure the worst thing I've ever felt in my life. Felt like a knife was being dug in my back and then stretched across my entire lower back ;) Hope you don't mind the details. Since I was only 1cm, they said it was going to be a LONG day and the pain would get 10 times worse. I couldn't even start to think what that would feel like, so I gave in and did the epidual. Just then my water broke too, so we were on our way. I'm so glad I did do the epidural too. It doesn't make you loopy, just numbs your lower half. Real NUMB I couldn't feel anything. But then it started to happen rapidly...3cm, 6, 8, 12...and we were on our way. I pushed for about an hour, and out she came. She came out very alert with her big blue eyes looking all around. (Hope the blue eyes stick!) And of course came out hungry sticking her tongue out. I feel very fortunate how fast it all went. We had lots of friends and family keeping us comfortable all day in the hospital which helped pass the time. She has lots of love around her. We were able to come home Friday night and the first few nights have gone well.

Lots of visitors and great friends bringing over delicious meals each night this week - Thanks girls its a real treat!

New adventure for all of us, but we love our new addition and look forward to the challenge. Thanks for all the calls, texts, emails etc.

Here are the first of many photos!!
Its not letting me post anymore - so Ill try again later.

Here I AM!

Our Family

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Due today!

Well, its official, Im due today and heading to the hospital tonight.

My doc doenst like to have you go over for various reasons, and they all seemed to make sense.

But since my cervix is on lock down....they are giving me something tonight to get things started and probably inducing in the AM.

So off to the hospital I go tonight. This waiting around all day today is NOT too much fun. It just makes me get more nervous.

Ill post as soon as I can. Baby should be here soon.

xo, Jules

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Times almost up!

Well another weekend blew by us and the time is almost here for her to arrive.

Hard to believe really. This pregnancy has gone so well and by so quickly its hard for both Mike and I to believe this is the week. Mike said to me on Friday "Im going to be a dad in a week" It was cute and I think finally starting to set in.

I had an appt last Wed, and although I've made no progress yet down there, my doctor will only let me go a couple days over, so she said she will be here before next weekend. Kind of weird to have an actual timeframe now.

Friday went to sushi with Summer and Scott, I can't wait to have a Lodi Roll when I get out of the hospital....Sushi and a Blue Moon sound great. They tried to convince me just to have some, and I'm sure by now I can't do much to hurt her, but I made it this long not having any whats one more week!

We didn't do much this weekend. Mike and I went on a date last night since we may not be able to do that for a little while.....Dinner at School Street Bistro(thanks Kernals) and saw Grand Tarino(different movie, but good)

Today, football of course - GO AZ - and Mike and I took a few photos together since the belly will be gone soon (I hope!)

I'll post those photos when I get them off the camera there are some good ones.

But here is a belly photo for the week. It's getting big, she is still moving a lot and the whole thing is surreal. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

38 Weeks

Hard to believe this is all getting VERY close. It's all a bit surreal and I'm sure will feel even more so as the next week creeps along. 10 days until I'm due. No progress at my last appt, I should find out more at my next appt on Wednesday. I'm in no rush and fortunately still feeling really great. She is moving around a lot still and it's a little uncomfortable and she must be too, running out of room no doubt. This last week I worked only as a consultant when they needed me which was quite a change, but the week still managed to fly by. Got lots of things off the "to-do" list that we have been wanting to get done. I finally packed my bag and washed the baby clothes, which makes this all seem like she will be here soon.

People keep asking...are you ready?? I mean it's much more like ready or not! Yes you have all the supplies you think you will need but you can not really know what to expect until the time comes I don't think.

My hands are pretty swollen and that doesn't really go away anymore and one foot. My left foot lost it's ankle this weekend. It's just one big "kankle." But again can't complain much!

This weekend we attended the Boys and Girls Club Crab Feed. NOT the same when you can't eat a bunch of crab, but I did sample a little! Yummy!

Melissa and I

Mike and I

Sum, Linds, Hilder

There was lots of Rock Band Practice this weekend. Linny is pretty good on the drums, Mel is GREAT on the microphone and Hilder.....needs ALOT of practice! ;)

Baby room is getting more ready. We are waiting for the recliner - which will go in front of the window and should be here in the next week or so.

We have also decided what we are putting on the wall above the crib, so I'll send a photo when we have that up.

This Cuckco clock has yet to be hung, but we liked it. On the hour a cow comes out and "moo's", it's pretty funny to see the dog run around and try to figure out what is making that noise.

This chair in the corner was my moms when she was little, and we used it when we were little, so it's special that my dad and uncle Buddy refinished it to match the furniture in the baby room.

Sorry to all of you who are still so upset about us not telling the name... you'll know soon enough.

I'll keep you posted on the progress, have a great week!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe 2009 is here! Remember when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2000....guess that didnt happen.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years.
Ours was a bit different this year considering the doctor but the big "No" on me going to Tahoe for New Years. I was very dissapointed, but what can I do, I need to realize I guess that it could happen any day.

So we spent NYE in Lodi- went to dinner with the Diehls, and Siebels, then had a couple drinks at Rosewood and Ollies. I should say "they" not "we"...but it was fun. Ollies is way better now with a new jukebox, atleast I can sing along to the music while everyone else gets wasted. We stayed out until about 1:30 before calling it a night.

A couple photos below from last week, New Years and the belly. I was convinced that my belly wouldnt be big enough that I could not see my feet. OH was I wrong. If I stand up straight and look straight down....its official NO FEET. VERY WEIRD! ;)

Nicole, Bre and I at Preston Kanters 1st Bday

Bre and Trent Diehl...and baby Peyton on NYE

Mike and I on NYE

Me and Nat Dogg ringing in the New Year

NOT a cute photo, but we couldnt get a good one, Mike was making me laugh...week 37

Can't see my feet....:(

Im lucky to still be feeling great, growing daily, and she is still moving a lot. The weirdest thing at this point is that I could have her today or in a month. Of course my dad is hoping for not a month from now...he doesnt want me to screw up the Super Bowl! ;) Im officially not working this week, which is very weird also and will take some getting used to. I plan to visit the girls at school and have a prenatal massage tomorrow. Hope the massage table has a BIG hole in it!

Have a great week, Ill keep you posted!