Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giada Michela Coldani

Lets try this again..
I did a long post last night and it wouldn't save.
Nor did any of my texts go out at the here goes.
Thanks to Nicole and Linny for posting photos online for everyone to see.

The photos dont do her justice but it gives you an idea!

She was born on Thursday 1/22 at 2:27pm 7 lbs, 11oz 20in long.

Went in on Wed night and had the cervix softener put in. It must have worked because the rest went pretty smooth from there. Contractions started about 5am, and I lasted with them until about 8. They were for sure the worst thing I've ever felt in my life. Felt like a knife was being dug in my back and then stretched across my entire lower back ;) Hope you don't mind the details. Since I was only 1cm, they said it was going to be a LONG day and the pain would get 10 times worse. I couldn't even start to think what that would feel like, so I gave in and did the epidual. Just then my water broke too, so we were on our way. I'm so glad I did do the epidural too. It doesn't make you loopy, just numbs your lower half. Real NUMB I couldn't feel anything. But then it started to happen rapidly...3cm, 6, 8, 12...and we were on our way. I pushed for about an hour, and out she came. She came out very alert with her big blue eyes looking all around. (Hope the blue eyes stick!) And of course came out hungry sticking her tongue out. I feel very fortunate how fast it all went. We had lots of friends and family keeping us comfortable all day in the hospital which helped pass the time. She has lots of love around her. We were able to come home Friday night and the first few nights have gone well.

Lots of visitors and great friends bringing over delicious meals each night this week - Thanks girls its a real treat!

New adventure for all of us, but we love our new addition and look forward to the challenge. Thanks for all the calls, texts, emails etc.

Here are the first of many photos!!
Its not letting me post anymore - so Ill try again later.

Here I AM!

Our Family


The Kerns said...

Welcome to the world Giada! We are so happy for you guys! What a beautiful family. Giada and Dylan will be best friends I'm sure :)
Nick, Nicole & Dylan

Julie Cannon said...

she's a beauty for sure! congrats you guys...we love you!

Dean Family said...

What a beautiful daughter you have...makes for a perfect little family. We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet baby Giada! Keep the photos coming!
Adrian, Eric and Baby

Papalii Family said...

gorgeous beautiful girl!! congrats you guys!! what a beautiful family you guys have!! wish you guys nothing but the best!! love you guys! xoxo!

Sara Parr said...

Congratulations!! I'm so glad it was a "good" experience for you. You look amazing! I hope you and Mike are enjoying this special time! Hope to see you & Giada soon!

camyhonore said...

Yay! Giada is gorgeous! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story. I will I will say right now I defintely want an epidural :) Can't wait to meet her! You look great! Tell Mike congrats from us too!
Love, Brett and Camy