Sunday, January 18, 2009

Times almost up!

Well another weekend blew by us and the time is almost here for her to arrive.

Hard to believe really. This pregnancy has gone so well and by so quickly its hard for both Mike and I to believe this is the week. Mike said to me on Friday "Im going to be a dad in a week" It was cute and I think finally starting to set in.

I had an appt last Wed, and although I've made no progress yet down there, my doctor will only let me go a couple days over, so she said she will be here before next weekend. Kind of weird to have an actual timeframe now.

Friday went to sushi with Summer and Scott, I can't wait to have a Lodi Roll when I get out of the hospital....Sushi and a Blue Moon sound great. They tried to convince me just to have some, and I'm sure by now I can't do much to hurt her, but I made it this long not having any whats one more week!

We didn't do much this weekend. Mike and I went on a date last night since we may not be able to do that for a little while.....Dinner at School Street Bistro(thanks Kernals) and saw Grand Tarino(different movie, but good)

Today, football of course - GO AZ - and Mike and I took a few photos together since the belly will be gone soon (I hope!)

I'll post those photos when I get them off the camera there are some good ones.

But here is a belly photo for the week. It's getting big, she is still moving a lot and the whole thing is surreal. I'll keep you posted!


Dean Family said...

So glad that you are still feeling so great at this point! Can't wait for that phone call this week. I am so excited for the both of you and can't wait to see pictures of you with baby girl in your arms. You look great!! Love ya lots.

Papalii Family said...

ekkk!! coming to a close!! hopefully (soon) the next time you put up a post, will be pictures baby girl coldani! you look great and adorable! im sure your baby girl is gonna take after mamas gorgeous looks!! good luck! xoxo!

The Kerns said...

Can't wait to meet her!!!!! It seems like just yesterday you told us you were pregnant!