Saturday, May 28, 2016

March - Easter & Birthdays

Yes, I really am that far behind. March. I'm determined to get caught up this week.  
More end of basketball Broncos photos. 

 Peyton turns 7! Jumping all around at Go Bananas!

 Buddies since birth!

Nana shares a birthday with Peyton!  
We opted for just 5 candles, we didn't want to set the cake on fire. :-)

 Star of the week!  Unique Fact: One of my eyelashes has no color.

 Tahoe Getaway.  
Pool time in the snow = even more fun!
 Room Service! They thought this was just too cool. 
"You mean they will bring bacon to your room!?"

 Gino loves Isaiah and he is SO sweet to him even though he is so much younger.
 S'mores anyone?

 Not a ton of snow while we were there, but a scary ton on the way home!!!

Along with rolling her eyes, she has perfected this look too!
 Brother is growing up too quickly!

 Gino finally wanted to hold Reese, I thought this day would never come.
 My mom and I took the boys on a little Spring Break Adventure to SF. The boys were thrilled with a day at Pier 39 and the Aquarium. Lorenzo would yell and make all this noise as the fish passed by the walking tunnel.

 The school held a very neat math/science day.   
The kids went around in pairs working on various projects with blocks,
 cubes, magnets, and much more.  
 WOW Museum.  What I really love about the WOW is they are constantly changing the exhibits.  Every time you go, things are different for the kids to explore.  This really is a great place Lodi has to offer.

 A little ice cream to top off our fun outing to the WOW. 
This is the best I could get from these two crazies!

 Brooklyn loved meeting Logan as much as we did!

 Cherry Orchard Mini with Stephanie Moe. I love capturing pictures of the kiddos as they are growing up. Bonus if they are all looking at the camera.

 Yearly Easter Fun Run!

...And she is off...

After the run we were off to hunt #1. Fun
 afternoon at Lange Twins winery, they put on a nice Easter event for the kids. 
Even Lorenzo wanted in on the action.

 The fun doesn't stop there, now on to egg dying. The kids both spend so much time drawing on them and getting them perfect before they even drop them in.

She is going to love looking back at these photos.
 Just like she already looks back and tells me she doesn't like her bangs. :-)

Easter Morning - the Hunt is on!

 Off to celebrate Easter with the Coldani Family.
 Hunting eggs is SERIOUS business!

 Love these Bunnies!
 Easter with the Fuhrmans!

 Happy Birthday Nonno! Hope you like sprinkles!

 Love catching sweet moments. 
Gino loves to have books read to him, and she is getting quite good at it.
HUMM baby! Go Giants. Thanks Bre Meyer for the great pictures!

 Our Sydney girl taking a snooze. She turned 11 this month and still going strong!
Reese is getting so BIG!

Same water table, 7 years later. Mike made this and all the kids have loved it.
 Gino had the idea to get it out for Lorenzo and it has been a hit.