Monday, September 27, 2010

Gino's Wedding & Giada Body Parts Lesson

Another weekend, another wedding for us. Weddings are so much fun because they are always so unique and no two weddings are alike. And the best part is you get to catch up with family and friends! This weekend we were off to Santa Rosa to celebrate with Gino and Erica.

Good times had by all and I had a great time catching up with the girls.

The boys at rehearsal night
(Of course Gino was representing with a Bengals hat on- we should have known!)

Mike looking good in his tux- doing his groomsmen duties

Here comes the bride

Mr. and Mrs. Barbera

The girls

The boys

The whole gang

Giada and Syd, this is her new favorite position to sit with Sydney- who stays ever so tolerant!

And if you wanted to know where your body parts are.....Giada will help out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Circus, Anniversary, Noriega Wedding, Matt's Birthday

Well our 4th wedding anniversary was on Thursday. How the time has flown by!
We ended up taking Giada to the circus that night - romantic don't you think!
Anyway we had a great time. Kiali and Noelle joined us and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves, with the animals being the highlight of course! Ignore the blurriness of a few of the photos. It took me awhile to realize that there was cotton candy smudged onto the lens!! Wonder who did that?? She is obsessed with wanting to hold the camera herself!

Elephants were my favorite!

Then we were off to Carmel for Chris/Lauren's wedding and to celebrate our anniversary. The weather was beautiful and it was SO much fun catching up with all our friends. Mike and I did sneak away to have dinner Friday night at the Sardine Factory in Monterey. It was great food, but kind of weird atmosphere. The table of people next to you were SO close. But a nice dinner out none the less. The wedding was beautiful and a good time was had by all!
Mr. and Mrs. Noriega

Cocktail Hour- Words and photos can't describe this place. The setting was beautiful on top of a mountain. There were deer and wild turkeys roaming free. They didn't seem to care we were there sharing the beautiful scenery.

Amazing Barn
Sealed with a kiss! At the end of the night Chris and Lauren got on stage and were
rocking out with the band! So fun!
Too funny! When Lauren threw the bouquet....
It got stuck in the chandelier..... classic! Nice toss Lauren!

We were honored that they chose to use Calivirgin EVOO as their wedding favor. Lauren's vision turned out beautiful- thank you for making us a part of your special day!

And while we were at the wedding Giada made it to the Grape Festival!
Looks like fun at the petting zoo with Nonno to me!

Then when we got home Sunday night we went to my parents for dinner and to celebrate my brothers 27th birthday! Happy Birthday Matthew!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ginas Bachelorette!

This weekend was Gina's bachelorette party in Palm Springs. It was a great trip! And lucky for us only in the low 100s and not 113+ like it was the previous weekend. Tiffany did a great job planning. The house was awesome with a huge pool where we spent the majority of our time.
As my friend Jen put it before I left my white legs could use some sun!!

Mission Accomplished I'm now a shade of light beige even after applying SPF70 all weekend! lol!

The girls had a snafu with getting our matching shirts for the party, so they got creative and I think it worked out even better. They found Palm Springs shirts and we just cut them all up and used them as swim cover-ups all weekend. It was a fun idea. Audrey was the master creator of the shirts. I don't think we ever ended up with a group shot in them - darn.

Lodi Girls!
Beautiful Bride!

Random pic of Giada and I from a few weeks back. We were taking some photos in the olives when Lauren and Chris were visiting. I was running around the field to keep Giada occupied and apparently she thought I was pretty funny! I know you all need your weekly Giada fix!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pickles, Graeagle - Dad's 60th!

Well it was time yet again for the annual pickle making. It's always an adventure!
Our trusty assistant.


This box holds 12 mason jars....or one small child
Aunt Ran and I filling all the jars. Sure was nice to have an extra set of hands this year!
Mom doing the chopping of ALL the garlic.....the sucky job!
Filling with the brine!
It's a wrap 2010 pickles complete!
Giada got to play with Kylie during our fantasy football draft.
Thanks Mel for keeping an eye on the kids!

Then it was off to Graeagle for Labor Day. A nice weekend away with the family and a great celebration for Pops 60th! Isn't he looking good!!
He can never take a serious picture!!
The famous teeth. But I'm liking the goatee!

Giada had a great time playing with everyone....

Horsey rides with Auntie Steph

Walks with Matt to check out the deer
Family pics with kids....great idea, but not always the cooperation you are looking for.
Much better on this one

Glad Matt and Steph could join us for the weekend!
Her new thing....saying cheese for you to take a picture.
Or grabbing the camera and smiling at it trying to take photos!
One of pops gifts.....who wants to take bets on the amount to times it actually leaves the garage for a ride??Anyone??
Beautiful Graeagle, it's so relaxing there. This is the view of the mill pond. We rode bikes there almost every morning and just walked around, so peaceful! Giada spent her time, throwing and collecting rocks, as well as finding feathers.

Deer!! I love seeing deer when we are there and this time there were a TON! Each night there were 10-15 on the golf course and they would just stroll right next to the condo. Moms, babies, and bucks! Giada loved finding them and pointing them out.
On Saturday night we headed over to Reno to check out the rib cook-off. It was so fun. The ribs were delicious and the gambling was fun too. We were all winners which made it even better!
Ton of people there- wall to wall people the whole time.
Pigs for eating ....

And for decoration.....Giada wasnt so sure about this one but warmed up to him and was petting him.
Even mascots for photo opps!
Kid rides too. My dad just had to play the games in the beginning for Giada. That equaled to me having to carry an enormous monkey around for the next 4 hours. Thanks pops! :)
But there was a train that she had a great time riding on. "Choo Choo!"

And last but not least we have to ride the bear. We are getting to know the people at this condo very well, thankfully they are super friendly!