Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ginas Bachelorette!

This weekend was Gina's bachelorette party in Palm Springs. It was a great trip! And lucky for us only in the low 100s and not 113+ like it was the previous weekend. Tiffany did a great job planning. The house was awesome with a huge pool where we spent the majority of our time.
As my friend Jen put it before I left my white legs could use some sun!!

Mission Accomplished I'm now a shade of light beige even after applying SPF70 all weekend! lol!

The girls had a snafu with getting our matching shirts for the party, so they got creative and I think it worked out even better. They found Palm Springs shirts and we just cut them all up and used them as swim cover-ups all weekend. It was a fun idea. Audrey was the master creator of the shirts. I don't think we ever ended up with a group shot in them - darn.

Lodi Girls!
Beautiful Bride!

Random pic of Giada and I from a few weeks back. We were taking some photos in the olives when Lauren and Chris were visiting. I was running around the field to keep Giada occupied and apparently she thought I was pretty funny! I know you all need your weekly Giada fix!

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