Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Months Old!

This week we had a nice dinner with Mikes grandparents and parents. It's nice to be able to see them so often since we all live in town.

Giada turned 7 months old this past week. It is amazing how the time goes by so fast. I knew the day would come where block idea with the monthly photos would no longer work. Awhile back Sydney chewed up some of the blocks, but I never knew which ones...well it was the 7 block among others. So this month I thought I'd try writing it on paper. Leaving enough paper for her to play with and still see the number....that didnt go so well either. She just wanted to eat the paper. I even tried some in her crib, she just looks at me like - what are you doing mom!
It's so hard to believe how quickly they change. She can now sit up on her own from any position, which is really nice that she can satisfy her self now. Often I find her sitting up in her crib playing with herself when she wakes up. She also is on the move crawling around fast on all 4's. Getting rug burns on her knees - it's too cute. She babbles a lot, and pretty much says da-da although I'd rather not admit it. :) She has started pulling herself up on things...and at the same time has started falling and bumping her head...the first of many I'm sure. Crib had to be moved down, which is bittersweet. My little girl is growing up, but so much fun to be around everyday.
What are you doing mom??
I just want to eat the camera!

So the next day we got new blocks and tried again...unsuccessful, but got some cute pics of her playing with the blocks.

Peas. Now I'm eating peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, applesauce, squash, green beans and I seem to like it all!
I just started eating out of this net thing and the watermelon is yummy!

And then a few times a month there is a bird or dragonfly flying around our house!!! Max has always been a good bird killer, but now he is bringing them in the house live! Mike caught him with this one in his mouth still and put them both outside and the bird flew off!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yosemite - Jaime's engaged, Pickles, Shively visit and more...

Well I sound like a broken record but it's the story of my life.....another busy week.

On the road again....
This past week Giada and I took a road trip to Yosemite to visit Jaime and Zac who were camping there for a week. We had a fun adventure! Left bright and early at 6am so we could spend the whole day there. And a beautiful day it was. The day prior to my arrival Jaime and Zac hiked half-dome. They had been planning and training for a year. Little did Jaime know that once they were at the top he was going to propose! She was shocked and super excited. So, it was so fun to celebrate with the newly engaged couple. Giada was just an angel on the trip. Slept most of the way on the long drive there and back. Took a couple naps while we were there and went on a hike with us to Mirror Lake. Didn't see any waterfalls while we were there, which was odd, but did see a deer and coyote.

Congratulations again Jaime and Zac, so happy for you both and let the planning begin!!

Look at the new rock! Don't worry it's a "conflict free" diamond :) Zac really knows the way to her heart.

Jaime's soon to be niece Jordan was entertaining Giada all day long. Giada would just laugh and laugh at everything she did. I told her she might need to come home with me on the drive to entertain Giada.

Salute!! With Jaime's Favorite....Almond Champagne!
This weekend the Shively's were in town. Great to see them as always. Conner is now running around, it's too cute. Sarah you look like a natural with two kids :)

And we must always document when Auntie has a Corona night!!
This weekend was also the yearly -pickle weekend. For the past few years my mom and I pickle cucumbers in the summer. It's a long day but fun, they sure are yummy. Giada was trying to help us out with the canning rings!

Another milestone this week...sitting the highchair and grocery cart on my own! She is getting to be such a big girl. It's very exciting, but sad at the same time...almost 7 months, time just passes by so quickly. Each step is so fun though to watch her learn and explore new things. She loves looking around and seems to love the movement of the grocery cart.

This weekend we also took some naps! I'm finally getting a little tired of getting up all night long. This week we are working on Giadas nightly sleeping pattern!!! But there will be a day when she wont want to nap and cuddle up with me, so I love every second of it.

Last but not least. My mom had just asked me if Giada every just falls asleep while playing etc. She always hears of kids doing that...I said nope not yet, she has never done that. But I never thought it would be while jumping!!! Too funny!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Timmer and Chris tie the knot!

This week we spent some time in the pool since it was hot!

Also, had a nice visit with Giada's Great Grandparents.

When Friday rolled around Mike and I were off to SF to celebrate Tim and Chris's wedding. It was our first time away from Giada, for not one night but two nights! All was well and we had a great time. Each set of grandparents watched her for 1 night. Since we are so fortunate to have them both in town, we like to share. I was worried about Giada's sleeping at night, since she is not a long sleeper, but all was well. We had a great time and I have a huge supply of milk now that I had to pump all weekend. That was different to have to keep leaving the wedding to pump!! After the rehearsal dinner we all went to the Giants game. It was my first Giants game this year, and despite a last inning loss, it was a good game. Lincecum did his job and pitched well and Wilson screwed up the game again! Saturday we had the wedding at the Sir Francis Drake. Chris was a beautiful bride, we had a great time visiting with our SF friends and the AGR group that was there, delicious salmon dinner and lots of laughs. Sunday on our way home we had breakfast with Steve and his new girlfriend Alyssa. It was nice to meet her and a beautiful brunch on the water in Marin.

Overall great weekend, we missed our baby girl and were so excited to go pick her up on Sunday. I thought she looked bigger, and Mike just laughed at me. :) She loved her time with her nana, pops, nonna and nonno! Thanks again for watching her!

Go Giants!

Beautiful Bride and Groom
Big night out!
With the Kernals, and the Timmers
The Girls

Mike and Timmer

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Videos, 1st tooth, and Mud Volleyball

Videos from the last couple weeks...

I love my dog Sydney. Every morning when we come downstairs I get so excited making all these noises and pet her before we let her outside. This video isn't the best - usually when she kisses me I make a funny face and then start laughing!
This is one of my new tricks...spitting and making noises with my tongue. My tongue has always been active!
I love to jump in my jumper! My legs really go wild these days! (Sorry this one is sideways, I dont know how to fix it.)
And I'm officially on the move!! I started army crawling awhile back, and last few weeks got my knees into it, and last night I was moving and quick! Mom better watch me more closely now and get our house baby proofed! (Don't mind the spit up in mid- crawl)

Every year we participate in Mud Volleyball at Herald Days! Its a long hot day but lots of fun.

The Whole Gang
The Girls
Forgot to take a photo before we rinsed off!
Hard to tell in the photo but my 1st tooth popped up last week and this week is really sticking up. I think I have another one on the bottom coming in too!!