Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Months Old!

This week we had a nice dinner with Mikes grandparents and parents. It's nice to be able to see them so often since we all live in town.

Giada turned 7 months old this past week. It is amazing how the time goes by so fast. I knew the day would come where block idea with the monthly photos would no longer work. Awhile back Sydney chewed up some of the blocks, but I never knew which ones...well it was the 7 block among others. So this month I thought I'd try writing it on paper. Leaving enough paper for her to play with and still see the number....that didnt go so well either. She just wanted to eat the paper. I even tried some in her crib, she just looks at me like - what are you doing mom!
It's so hard to believe how quickly they change. She can now sit up on her own from any position, which is really nice that she can satisfy her self now. Often I find her sitting up in her crib playing with herself when she wakes up. She also is on the move crawling around fast on all 4's. Getting rug burns on her knees - it's too cute. She babbles a lot, and pretty much says da-da although I'd rather not admit it. :) She has started pulling herself up on things...and at the same time has started falling and bumping her head...the first of many I'm sure. Crib had to be moved down, which is bittersweet. My little girl is growing up, but so much fun to be around everyday.
What are you doing mom??
I just want to eat the camera!

So the next day we got new blocks and tried again...unsuccessful, but got some cute pics of her playing with the blocks.

Peas. Now I'm eating peas, sweet potatoes, peaches, applesauce, squash, green beans and I seem to like it all!
I just started eating out of this net thing and the watermelon is yummy!

And then a few times a month there is a bird or dragonfly flying around our house!!! Max has always been a good bird killer, but now he is bringing them in the house live! Mike caught him with this one in his mouth still and put them both outside and the bird flew off!!


The Kerns said...

Love all the bows :) The falling is scary, the first blood is the worst!!!

Dean Family said...

Wow...7 months! Our girls are growing up so fast. Cute bows by the way. Oh did you end up getting her a jumper yet?