Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Catch Up - Dr Betts(Oakland Children's), Olive Festival, Cousins.. & more!

This past week we headed to Oakland for Gino's last appointment at the Children's Hospital. It is bittersweet. It is hard to believe a year has gone by since we first headed there.  We are so thankful for the wonderful care we received and realize how fortunate we with Ginos final diagnosis. We wish Dr Betts could always be our doctor, he was amazing, but we are glad to be closing this chapter in our lives.  

 Since we were in the area, we headed to the Oakland Zoo...couldn't get those pics to download but the kids had a good time. Fun to see Gino point to the animals he sees and try to talk to them.  Then we headed over the bridge to drop Mike off to meet his buddies at the Giants game. We had some time to kill and even drove down the tourist Lombard Street.  Fun day with the fam. 
Coldani Family headed to the Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival this past weekend, always a fun event - filled with great customers we are happy to see return each year! Giada came this year and joined in on the fun - especially with Freckles the clown!
My mom entertained the kids during the festival then we were off to Santa Barbara for a family wedding. Great visit with the MacLaggans that were in town! Great meeting Todd! Welcome to the family!
Apparently I was the only one ready for the picture! Giada then said, if Gino doesn't want to smile for the picture, I will!" lol  It was so hot - we enjoyed cooling off in the pool. Giada is getting more and more brave. Having Uncle Chris and Peter to jump in and throw her in the pool was so much fun, she is still talking about it! 
On the way home we were sure to hit the beach in Avila to visit with friends! Thanks for joining girls! Schafers- hope you get those kids to the beach more often, they loved it! ;) And as always Firestones did not disappoint!!! 
Random pics!

 He's a climber!

 Those teeth and that hair -Both have a mind of their own!!

 Giada loved her new twirl dress! And she looks so different with her bangs pulled back!

Thank you Heather for watching the kiddos! I needed those couple hours! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gino's Birthday Party, Watching Stella, & Preschool

Happy Birthday Gino - With the crazy schedules of our family, Gino's birthday party was a month after his birthday- he was none the wiser and everyone had a blast.  We tested out the bounce house/water slide the weekend before and it was a hit!
 When it is going to be 106 at the party...lots of things to cool you down are in order! Many of us were in and out of the lake, floating and swimming about. Kids were in and out of the water slide/ pool.  Good times! Thank you for celebrating with us!  Thank you Linds for manning the snow cone booth! Thank you KR and Court for the amazing favors!  

 Fun in the sun! 

 Nicole- thank you making this delicious and perfect cake!

 I love that Brix and Seve went to grab forks to eat some of Gino's cake - smart kids!!

Snow cone with Nonno!

We can't believe this sweet little guy is 1!

What fun to have the snow cone machine all weekend. We had a few more at home! Yumm! And you have to buy a gallon of that flavoring - so if anyone ever needs any, I'm your girl! lol

This was our first week watching Stella. We love our new Stella Wednesday's. What fun it will be for the kids to grow up together!  Gino is learning to not steal her pacifiers as his own and to not try and drink her bottles! 

Out for a stroll!

Pre School started - 2nd year at Grace. Seve and Giada are in the same class again. Both of them were a little concerned why the other kids were no longer in their class, as most have moved to the older class or mornings. But, they quickly forgot about that, are making new friends and LOVE seeing Miss Patti and Teacher Jan!
Anyone want to take a stab at who's hat this is?