Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mud Volleyball, Parachute Picnic, 12 month Gino update, & Giadaisms

Mud Volleyball Weekend! Every year in August we play mud volleyball! This year lots of the usuals were busy so we ended up with one team instead of two.  We went 1-2. Not our best performance, but always lots of fun!  Guys and Dolls..the aftermath!
This year we had something very cool! Our OWN port a let(potty)  We are fortunate to have two teammates working for WM. So they delivered us a port a potty with a pad lock! People couldn't really believe it when we said they couldn't use it. It was awesome  - thanks KR and NAT!
It wouldn't be Herald Day without 8AM beers!
Thanks Erin for cheering us on!
Nana and Giada love to read together!

This week Heather and I took the kids on a picnic adventure to the Parachute place in Lodi. Good Times. They come down all day long! Living off Jahant Road most of my life I couldn't believe I had never done that.   Grabbed take out from Airport Cafe too, so nice they are open again- Yummy!

Of course we visited Stella this big...big girl is almost 2 months old. Our babysitting day starts next week.  Lets see if I can manage 3!

This smiley boy wakes up at 5:45 every day....sometimes I can con him back to sleep until about 6:15 but that's the limit! Why didn't I get at least one kid that sleeps!?

 Nana helped us sew Giada's princess hideout.... Gino loves it just as much. He could play peek a boo there all day long!

 GO U-S-A!
 Fishing with friends! It was teamwork out there. Dylan caught the fish, then passed it off to Giada to reel, and throw back. He told us "look what we found"  Too cute!

 Bath time is fun at any age!
Gino's 12 month stats and update!
-Height   30 1/4 inches 59%
-Weight  21.7 lbs 50%
- 4 teeth on top and bottom
-Bottomless pit these days. He will eat pretty much anything, loves fruit especially blueberries!
- Babbling up a storm but still only a couple real words
- Running everywhere, this kid does not sit still
-Nursing is OVER. I felt like I had to give equal opportunity, so I nursed him a year. I am not good at tapering off so I quit cold turkey. A rough couple of days for both of us, but glad to be done with that chapter!  
- Gino takes 2 small naps a day, and goes down about 7 pm every night. It is weird for me to have a kid that goes to bed early.  He has slept through the night a couple times.
-Follows simple directions
-Notices animals and calls out to them
-Repeats sounds
-Cuddles a little more
- LOVES to be outside and gets upset if you close the door and don't let him out
-Loves water. He would run right into a pool or the ocean if you let him
- Tries to eat EVERYTHING....Giada never did that, so this is a new one for us.

- "Really you are going to give me a cut up one?"  As I try and give her some fruit.  
- I told her "Giada you are a hungry girl this morning" She replies, " I certainly am"
- Although the potty training is completed..she now wants to be in the bathroom alone, and wiping alone.  So we are trying to make suggestions about how to wipe, hand wash reminders etc.  She came out one day and said " I went pee, I wiped from the back, I forget how it works"
- Giada is such a negotiator with everything. I usually give her a count down when we need to leave somewhere. One day she said  "5 min, 3 min, all the minutes"
- Loves to look at her watch and say, " I see the 4, 3, 2, all the numbers we are late"
- I often ask her if she has forgotten her manners when she isn't behaving. The other day she said, " I forgot my manners they aren't in the car with us, they are at home"
- " Mom, tell me shape up Giada"  - I just laughed
- After swimming and playing with friends all day " Its a hard day for me!" oh yeah the rough life of a 3 yr old :)
- "Fireman save the day like SuperWhy!"
- About fireworks "These colors are just blasting!"

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