Friday, August 3, 2012

Venice Visit & Lemonade Summertime Pics

This past weekend we took a much overdue trip to Venice to visit my college friends. Thank you Jen and Garreth for being such wonderful hosts! We managed to not destroy their brand new house, and quickly showed them what baby proofing they needed to do when Ben is a little older! The kids were great on the 6 hour drive both directions - no complaints here!

Thursday Night we went to the concert on the pier. So much fun to eat, drink and listen to Jackie Greene! Giada played in the sand and danced with Zac for hours! I think they both tired each other out. She even conned him into this blinking headband! lol
 The next day we went back to the pier to ride some rides! 
Farris Wheel Fun!
Giada wasn't so sure about bumper cars. She finally figured out how to move them but DID NOT like when someone would bump into her - lol
 She spotted this Minnie mouse impostor from the Farris Wheel. She thought for sure Minnie was waving to her and we had to go say hi. Well Minnie would only let you take her picture for money, and had to hold her ears up because they flopped down. Which of course Giada asked us, "why were her ears falling down"
 Beach Time - Always great to spend time with Gelbart!
 My kids love the beach. They would stay out there all day. Giada makes friends with any kid in sight and hunts for crabs. Gino lays down in the sand or RUNS into the ocean! It is exhausting actually because you have to keep pulling him back up on the beach and he runs right back in laughing the whole time.

 We  loved meeting baby Ben!
 At times he wasn't sure what to make of us. Especially when Gino would start pulling his bouncer up and down like a wild ride! Jen nicknamed him "Bam Bam!"
We got to meet the newest addition to the Dean family too! Caitlyn was so sweet!
Giada had a blast hanging out with Cianna! Thanks for making the drive Deans!

More babies!

So we have been working on matching, since Giada insists on picking out her own clothes.  This particular day she told me this matched "Polka dots, polka dots"  She was right...this is a problem. She will match a butterfly shirt with butterfly shirt!  So now we say one wild piece, one plain's working a little better - lol.  She loves jewelry and accessories. She puts on multiple bows, bracelets, headbands and changes outfits 3-5 times daily....really is this MY daughter!?
 Swim lessons continue!  It's a constant battle but she is improving!
 "What Giada's doll high chair is not for standing? Just my size!" This kid climbs on everything!  This was while Giada was napping and after he had been banging on her bed. Guess he wanted her to get up and play!

Awhile ago we took pictures with Heather Willy for her Lemonade set. Fun summer pics!

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