Monday, December 19, 2011

Family pics, Kid pics, Santa & more!

Here are a couple family pictures we did not long ago with Stephanie Moe Photography! We are so lucky to have so many photographer friends - Gino changes so quickly, it's been fun to take so many! Thanks Steph!
This weekend was the annual Coldani Cookie weekend. We baked ALL day yesterday, a fun tradition. Giada was slightly more helpful this year!

The holiday season would not be complete without a trip to see Santa. She jumped up on his lap no problem! But, she did want me to give the message to Santa! Don't worry I was happy to tell him that if she didn't finish up this potty training ...maybe Santa wouldn't make it to our house this year!!!!

This week Giada had a bit of the flu, but we still managed to make it to the Polar Express. What fun for the kids - we went with the Kerns and Busalacchi's on a train adventure! More pics to come when I get them from the girls.
When we were in Venice a couple weeks ago my friend Julie, with Thrive Photography snapped these of the kids. Wouldn't it be fun to have a photographer around all the time to capture your children. They always turn out just slightly better than the pics I take :) Thanks again Hager!

Isn't this face classic!
We were trying to make Gino laugh for the above pic, then Giada came over to join in the fun, and apparently I was cracking them up. I love this pic of them laughing!!

Happy Birthday Sofia! Fun birthday party at Magical Place in Galt.

Giada enjoyed running around with the Luiz boys!
She asked me "How'd I get these stickers on my face?"
Giada loves making her brother laugh, and with that wild hair she can usually make it happen pretty quick! If she doesn't let me start combing it may not be long for long!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Happenings!

This week has been jam packed like no other! Holiday activities with friends, and lots of oil projects to work on. Calivirgin extra virgin olive oil and Calivinegar Balsamic were picked up at Williams Sonoma stores nationwide, so we are super excited to see how that partnership goes! Everyday we are shipping off packages all over the country, we are so thankful for all our new and returning customers!!

Last week we stopped by the Diehls to grab dinner and let the girls play. They are so sweet together and Bre had their very own table set up for dinner...which they were thrilled about!
Giada has been doing gymnastics for a couple years now, once in awhile I remember to snap a few pictures. She will soon be out of parent tot classes and on her own. This also means I don't have to be in the Holiday Program next year...yippee :)

I don't have the video of the show ready but here are a few pics from the Gymnastics Holiday Show. This year was a Disney theme. Giada and her friend Claire Nuss.

Playing around while they waited to do the finale

This weekend was our annual Mother Daughter Christmas Party. This year it was in Sac and hosted by Hilder. We had someone come take all the photos, so I don't have many yet...but here are a few previews- with the required hair flair! Thanks Hilder- it was amazing!!

A few of us got together Friday night at Waterloo for dinner and drinks! We shut that place down. Lots of good food and laughs!!

Bre @ BW Photography still has openings this weekend!
Super cute set, love how the photos turned out!

Birthdays! We know lots of people with December birthdays!
We went to a pizza party for Seve - he turned 3, and gave me a super cheesy smile when I requested a photo!! Happy Birthday Seve!

Preston turned 4! The kids had a blast at the construction themed gymnastic party! We will miss you when you are off on your adventure this year! Keep in touch! Happy Birthday Preston!

My Aunt Ran had a birthday too! We went to celebrate with her this weekend.
Happy Birthday Ran!

This pic I forgot to post a few weeks ago. Gino got to meet his 2nd cousin and Great Aunt!

Thank you Pinterest....glowsticks in the bathtub...would have never thought of it, but so much fun!
Giada got an early Christmas gift from friends...fort kit...she loves it! Flashlights and forts...what else do you need??
Gino always laughs at whatever Giada is doing....but dressing him up in headbands...he doesn't seem thrilled..
AND last but certainly not least my new favorite pic of the kids!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Light Parade, Venice, & SLO

December is did that happen???? Well since it's here we might as well start celebrating right?? Lodi Light Parade always gets us in the holiday spirit. We had a big group this year(although we couldn't get everyone in one picture), kids loved seeing Santa on the Firetruck, and the weather was great!

Then early the next morning, I headed down south with both kids for an adventure! Call me crazy, but it turned out better than expected. We made it to Venice in 6 hours, and only 2 stops. Had fun catching up with the girls Friday night at Jens, and the reason for the trip - Jen's baby shower on Saturday. The mustache bash came together and Baby Boy Schweitzer was spoiled rotten! Thanks Jen and Garreth for having us!!

Mustache Bash!
Mimosa Bar!

Photo Booth provided some fun. The big or not smile in mustache pics???
Thanks Aunt Julie for running around with Giada!!
College Friends!
The prego girls!

I didn't get any pictures but we also had a wonderful visit with the Noriegas before heading to SLO Sunday afternoon. Thanks for having us over and hope to see you in December!!

Then it was off to SLO for the night. Thanks Clarins for having us over!! We headed out on Monday to see the butterflies that are migrating through town.

What looks like big clusters of leaves are thousands of butterflies!Trying to get 4 kids in a pic, impossible....but atleast they are all looking, this is the best one we got!
After to the beach. Giada and Addy were so brave, and didn't seem to care at all that the water was freezing!

Jackie and Jake met us for Firestones before we hit the road!

Julie Hager with Thrive Photography snapped a couple cute pics with her phone while we were out and about. Can't wait to see the others she captured of the kiddos!

And this is what we are getting a lot of lately.....wink eye!!
- She just asked me today "is Jens baby still in her tummy or is it out and can run with me"
- We can say "oh man but not stupid and not shut up"
- Walking to the beach in Venice we come up on a guy with dreadlocks...we are standing right next to him and she points and says over and over "mom what is that guys crazy hair, what is that guys crazy hair" I just looked over and smiled, and said sorry she's never seen dreadlocks.....
- "mom mom mom Jules" apparently if I don't answer quick enough, she uses my real name!