Monday, December 19, 2011

Family pics, Kid pics, Santa & more!

Here are a couple family pictures we did not long ago with Stephanie Moe Photography! We are so lucky to have so many photographer friends - Gino changes so quickly, it's been fun to take so many! Thanks Steph!
This weekend was the annual Coldani Cookie weekend. We baked ALL day yesterday, a fun tradition. Giada was slightly more helpful this year!

The holiday season would not be complete without a trip to see Santa. She jumped up on his lap no problem! But, she did want me to give the message to Santa! Don't worry I was happy to tell him that if she didn't finish up this potty training ...maybe Santa wouldn't make it to our house this year!!!!

This week Giada had a bit of the flu, but we still managed to make it to the Polar Express. What fun for the kids - we went with the Kerns and Busalacchi's on a train adventure! More pics to come when I get them from the girls.
When we were in Venice a couple weeks ago my friend Julie, with Thrive Photography snapped these of the kids. Wouldn't it be fun to have a photographer around all the time to capture your children. They always turn out just slightly better than the pics I take :) Thanks again Hager!

Isn't this face classic!
We were trying to make Gino laugh for the above pic, then Giada came over to join in the fun, and apparently I was cracking them up. I love this pic of them laughing!!

Happy Birthday Sofia! Fun birthday party at Magical Place in Galt.

Giada enjoyed running around with the Luiz boys!
She asked me "How'd I get these stickers on my face?"
Giada loves making her brother laugh, and with that wild hair she can usually make it happen pretty quick! If she doesn't let me start combing it may not be long for long!

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Rhames Family said...

love the pic of them laughing:) we have that same bouncer and harper is a pretty big fan