Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aptos with the girls!

This weekend I went with mom and her friends to Aptos.

There are so many photos from the weekend that I'll save the other photos for next week.
Sorry for the late post again Jackie! Mom was so tired when we got home on Sunday she didn't have a chance to do it.

Here they are...thanks Hilder fam for letting us enjoy your beach house!

This was a very active trip. I like to wake up early...like 6:30 and we didn't want to wake anyone up so we would go on LONG(couple hour) walks on the beach. On Sunday we even watched a Triathalon in action and Hilder was trying to convince mom we should do it next year. I think mom is scared to swim in the ocean though!

We saw a school of dolphins jumping in the ocean, and had perfect weather all weekend too.

Good meals, shopping, and lots of laughs. Not much sleep for mom but catching up with friends is worth it for no sleep anytime.

Cottage 2009!

Enjoying carrots!
View from the Cottage.
Shopping in Capitola!

Playing with Auntie Hilder- She woke up early and played with me in the mornings.
Fun at the beach.
KR and Hilder went on a 15 mile bike ride, then joined us for the rest of our morning walk.

I LOVE riding on anyones shoulders! (But they better beware, I pull hair)

End of our trip :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pets, My Office, Matt's Birthday , Grape Festival

This week was no different than most. Busy Busy.
As I have mentioned before it's getting increasingly harder to work in the office as Giada has become mobile. She is no longer content sitting in a jumper or exersaucer for any length of time. Each stage of her growth is so much fun, and we make changes along with it.

A day in the office....
She crawls under the desk and pounds on the printer until paper comes out...then looks up at me like, "who me?"
Then the good ol DVD wall, she pulls MANY of them down and then moves down the wall to pull down a new pile. On the one hand I'm glad she is distracted and content for a few moments. On the other hand - I'm SICK of putting away DVDs :)Then she crawls over to the chair and wants to be up sitting with me. And with that cute face, how can I resist?
And then sometimes she falls asleep in my arms after eating and I don't have the heart to set her down. As you know she isn't the best sleeper, so sometimes I'd rather just hold her and she will nap longer so I can get some work done. Maybe I'm the problem with her sleeping not her ;)
All and all I can't complain, I know I'm very fortunate to be able to stay home with her all day!

We also celebrated Matt's birthday this week. Happy 26th birthday Uncle Matt!This was also Grape Festival Weekend. A once a year event in Lodi. Thursday night I helped Kristen at the Bingo Booth. She is a Lions Club member and needed a friend to assist. We both love volunteering and actually had a great time and made some new friends in the process!
These boys take their events seriously. Russell told us all about how it used to be in the good ol days, he has been a member for 54 years!! Yikes!Teaching Giada about the family business at a young age! We did some oil bottling this week now that we have the new bottling machine. It was nice to get that completed as well. Giada is such a trooper to all the places I drag her to!And last but not least, I'm so impressed so far with how the pets have handled Giada. Sydney is so patient with her while she grabs her hair, tail, legs etc. Max on the other hand I worry about. But over time he has gotten pretty used to her. He now lets her grab and pull at him as well. I did have to draw the line the other day when she put his tail in her mouth! She discovered real quick that that didn't taste good.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Pull Myself Up!

Hi blog friends...
A few photos from this week.
Mom took me to the park and I had SO much fun swinging in the swing. I hope we go back this week.

Mom learned to knit this week. Some of her friends joke that its a hobby for old ladies. But mom seems to like it and is working on a scarf.

Doesnt this DVD wall look like fun. I pull them off the wall while mom tries to work. When I pull off a couple shelves of them, then she moves me and we pick them all up and put them back. It's so much fun.

I was trying to grab the camera on this one...but can you see my two teeth are getting SO big.

I'm pulling myself up on everything now. This video is actually a week old or so, and now I'm moving much better. Pulling myself up on everything and crawling all over the place.

This weekend at Kernal's bday it was like a playdate with so many kids.
And Auntie Kristen made these cool shirts -

" Duck the Fodgers!" Go Giants!!
Playing with Peyton and my Aunties!

Peyton -6 mon, Me - 8 mon, Ashland -newborn, Mason - 10 mon, Dylan 12 mon...or there abouts!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anniversary Celebration, 2 week post!

Hello blog followers! Sorry for the delay, I think this might be the first time I really missed a week.....and what a week it has been. We are just super busy people - always going and going, the weeks literally fly by. Giada is growing like a weed. Lots of photos this week to catch up up.
Happy Viewing! And for Linds, Hager, and Lauren....Ill try to get back to my Sunday night updating so you have something to review on Monday. xo, Jules

Two weekends ago Gina and Scott were in town visiting. I cant believe it but we took ZERO photos with them. But we did get one of Giada on her first trike ride. Nonno found this for her. It's an oldie but goodie. She had fun with me pulling her all over the patio. I'm sure she will be using it on her own all too soon!

Matt has been working out of town for the last 6 weeks and really only comes home on Sundays, so we like to hang out with him when he is here. Swim date with Matt and Steph.

This week we had a play-date with Preston Kanter and Cooper Mettler. Although Allison held her the whole time :) we had a fun time visiting, and watching the boys play. With the paint and the water table they were pretty entertaining!

Pops turns 59! Celebrated with him on Friday night. Even got him to play some Wii...good times had by all!

Mike and I have our 3rd anniversary on the 16th, but had the chance to celebrate early this weekend in Monterey. It was such a great time, and we lucked out and had beautiful weather. Lots of laughs,good food, and drinks.
After lunch we decided to go on a bike ride. That ended up to be a 4+mile, 3 hour ride. Stops at the beach, and pier and lighthouse along the way. I was not in the correct attire with my black dress, and I'm pretty sure I flashed some people. Nor did we have sunscreen and got quite burnt. But we met some kids who needed to find a girl on the beach in a black dress for a scavenger hunt so I was able to help them out! Between the 2 of us we helped them check 3 things off their list!

And of course a trip to the Aquarium! Sea horse exhibit was there. I thought this was how all sea horses looked.
I didn't know there were so many kinds! This one looks like seaweed!
Love the jelly fish!
And Mikes favorites....the penguins!
And random pics from the week. Giada is sleeping less during the day and playing more. She pulls herself up on everything. We have to watch her like a hawk now. She is crawling everywhere, as much as I'd like to avoid it - baby gates will be at our house soon. She is eating more and so far seems to like everything we have tried - carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, squash, apples, pears, etc etc. We hope that continues and we HOPE the sleeping will get better at night soon. Mom is finally getting tired!

Go Giants!
Loves her music table!
Now she likes to crawl under the jumper and exersaucer to play and then looks at you and laughs.
Playing in the bathroom while we get ready in the AM. Nice work Giada even holding it the right way. Dr Hilder would be proud - brush those 2 teeth!

And last but not least, she pulls drawers out everywhere and all the stuff in them. This one sounds like a drum when she bangs on it - even better!