Monday, September 21, 2009

Pets, My Office, Matt's Birthday , Grape Festival

This week was no different than most. Busy Busy.
As I have mentioned before it's getting increasingly harder to work in the office as Giada has become mobile. She is no longer content sitting in a jumper or exersaucer for any length of time. Each stage of her growth is so much fun, and we make changes along with it.

A day in the office....
She crawls under the desk and pounds on the printer until paper comes out...then looks up at me like, "who me?"
Then the good ol DVD wall, she pulls MANY of them down and then moves down the wall to pull down a new pile. On the one hand I'm glad she is distracted and content for a few moments. On the other hand - I'm SICK of putting away DVDs :)Then she crawls over to the chair and wants to be up sitting with me. And with that cute face, how can I resist?
And then sometimes she falls asleep in my arms after eating and I don't have the heart to set her down. As you know she isn't the best sleeper, so sometimes I'd rather just hold her and she will nap longer so I can get some work done. Maybe I'm the problem with her sleeping not her ;)
All and all I can't complain, I know I'm very fortunate to be able to stay home with her all day!

We also celebrated Matt's birthday this week. Happy 26th birthday Uncle Matt!This was also Grape Festival Weekend. A once a year event in Lodi. Thursday night I helped Kristen at the Bingo Booth. She is a Lions Club member and needed a friend to assist. We both love volunteering and actually had a great time and made some new friends in the process!
These boys take their events seriously. Russell told us all about how it used to be in the good ol days, he has been a member for 54 years!! Yikes!Teaching Giada about the family business at a young age! We did some oil bottling this week now that we have the new bottling machine. It was nice to get that completed as well. Giada is such a trooper to all the places I drag her to!And last but not least, I'm so impressed so far with how the pets have handled Giada. Sydney is so patient with her while she grabs her hair, tail, legs etc. Max on the other hand I worry about. But over time he has gotten pretty used to her. He now lets her grab and pull at him as well. I did have to draw the line the other day when she put his tail in her mouth! She discovered real quick that that didn't taste good.


Dean Family said...

Cute post and cute outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I love her and those dvd's. Kids love that kind of stuff, pretty soon you will be reorganizing and making sure she cant get into everything. She is a doll.