Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aptos with the girls!

This weekend I went with mom and her friends to Aptos.

There are so many photos from the weekend that I'll save the other photos for next week.
Sorry for the late post again Jackie! Mom was so tired when we got home on Sunday she didn't have a chance to do it.

Here they are...thanks Hilder fam for letting us enjoy your beach house!

This was a very active trip. I like to wake up early...like 6:30 and we didn't want to wake anyone up so we would go on LONG(couple hour) walks on the beach. On Sunday we even watched a Triathalon in action and Hilder was trying to convince mom we should do it next year. I think mom is scared to swim in the ocean though!

We saw a school of dolphins jumping in the ocean, and had perfect weather all weekend too.

Good meals, shopping, and lots of laughs. Not much sleep for mom but catching up with friends is worth it for no sleep anytime.

Cottage 2009!

Enjoying carrots!
View from the Cottage.
Shopping in Capitola!

Playing with Auntie Hilder- She woke up early and played with me in the mornings.
Fun at the beach.
KR and Hilder went on a 15 mile bike ride, then joined us for the rest of our morning walk.

I LOVE riding on anyones shoulders! (But they better beware, I pull hair)

End of our trip :(


Busalacchi's said...

Could those little feet in the sand get any more precious? So sweet.

Mettler's said...

I love those little feet too! How adorable! You girls look like you had a great time! How fun! We got to stay at the Hilder's house for fourth of July, I just love it! Such a cute house in a great location! :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! I can't believe she is getting so big.

shivelys said...

alright Jules- Conner and I will join you for the early morning walks next time! You know he likes to be up at 6:30 too...especially on vacation!
I am glad you girls had so much fun...I miss you all. :(