Monday, October 5, 2009

8 Months

Can't believe Giada is 8 months old!
She has changed so much since the first days. She is finally feeling big to me, and looking like a little person. Some of her changes in the last month:

- Her hair is growing so fast, it's much thicker now and seems to be keeping that curl in the back, we will see how long it lasts. My mom said Matt had hair like that and lost the curls after the first cut. Guess I'll never cut her hair. :)
- Says da da and ma ma from time to time, haven't captured it yet, and she doesn't know what it means, but it's getting more clear. Sometimes it sounds like she says other things like "kitty" but I'm sure it's all in our head.
- Left eyelash still has no color...maybe it will stay that way, I think it's unique.
-Hair is turning more brown but still has a couple reddish patches in the front.
- She is on the move, crawling like a mad woman and pullling herself up on everything. She will even walk if you guide her with your hands. She will be mobile in no time I'm afraid.
-Playing peek a boo
- Still nursing and eating fruits and veggies, so far not too picky.
-Still feeding Sydney all her rice crackers!
-Only 2 bottom teeth but they are getting big

It's so amazing to see how much she can change in one week. Watching her figure something out and look back at you to see if you noticed. She is so impressed with herself.
Despite being a bad sleeper she is such a joy and very happy girl. Another month down!

A few photos from my attempt at the 8 month photos.
We tried some inside and out...not too much luck on any of it.
Tried to give her other things to play with so she wouldn't mess with my blocks, but then she just wanted to eat them.
The clown(which was me) could not make her laugh and snap the photo at the same time - and not get a shadow on her face(like in this one) - its like you need a separate photos are a tough job :)

She was on the move to destroy my blocks!
Let's try this inside....not too much luck here either!
It was more fun to eat and yell at Mr. Monkey.

Or hit Mr. Monkey!

Thank you Dylan for sharing your Jeep with me, I love it! I play with it inside and outside!
For the first couple days I thought it was a jumper and tried to jump in it, then I realized it was a walker and off I went! I roam all over the house and bump into everything. Thanks for sharing friend!

Just a photo of her playing on the lawn, while we waited for our dinner date with Hilder and Linds last week.

Busy weekend as usual, birthday parties, olive oil tastings, street faire! But we did have a chance to get to Windsor for a couple hours to celebrate Bush's 30th bday. Happy Birthday Marc!

Marc and Renee - thanks for having us!

Great stories Bush!

That is a lot of candles :)


The Kerns said...

So glad she loves the jeep!!! It's nice to be able to loan out Dylan's toys he has outgrown. IT gives me more time to figure out where to store them :)

Mettler's said...

I love the blocks and the jeep! She is so cute! If it's any help, Coop was a terrible sleeper till 10 months and then all of a sudden he became an amazing sleeper (almost never a problem). Hopefully Giada will do the same thing!

Barnes Fam said...

Aww happy 8 months sweet girl! You are looking so cute!

SDFilice's said...

She totally reminds me of Katie. I love the huge smile and the playful faces. Give her love and tell her we will she her in November!

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