Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Party 2009

Well, for our first one, I'd say it was a success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, weather was perfect, wine was flowing and the bands played great music. The food catered by Wes Nielsen, all made with Calivirgin or Calivinegar was quite delicious. Looks like the makings for an annual event! Thank you again to everyone who was able to make it, hope you enjoyed yourselves - we loved having you!

As always you can purchase Calivirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Calivinegar on our website.
The new $3 sample bottles make great stocking stuffers!!!

Beautiful Decor
Giada attended the party and enjoyed playing with everyone! Great Aunt Patsy had a beautiful necklace she couldnt take her eyes off!
Then she got sleepy and took a LONG nap. Babies are so innocent looking when they are sleeping.

Bartenders- Scott and Summer, thank you for all your help!
Oil and Vinegar Tasting Area
Matt and Steph - Thanks for your help!
Gina- Great to see you this weekend!

The woman behind it all. Great Party Jeanne!
The men behind the delicious food!
Four generations of Coldani's

Some of our guests!

Barbara and Ray Coldani
Band 2 - Paul and the Crew


Dean Family said...

Glad to hear that it was such a success...maybe we can come next year! Great pics..did you find out how long Giada is?

Julie Cannon said...

wow...looked amazing! just might have to come next year!!

The Kerns said...

What a fun evening! Can't wait for next year ;)

Mettler's said...

Harvest Party looks like such a success and a lot of fun! I hope we get to make it next year! Loved the pics of Giada too! Why do they all love tipping over dog bowls??? We have the same bath ring and used it up until just a couple of months ago so got some great use out of it!

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