Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dylan Turns 1!

(Jackie- hope this brings a smile to your face for your Monday morning - hot chocolate!)

Hard to believe it was a year ago that the baby boom began in our area and Dylan was born. How fast it went by!

This weekend we were actually home for once with nothing to do except attend Dylan's birthday. We had a great time at the party, and enjoyed the rest of the weekend getting things done around the house and watching baseball, football, and golf! Despite the Twins loss, we had fun cheering them on!

Birthday boy!
He was a good sport with the celebration hat and all!

There were so many kids there it was fun for them to all play together. We took a couple pics of the babies, and their mama's. (Bre and Peyton, sorry we didn't think of this before you left!)

Giada is so rough with the kids, luckily Nico was a good sport as were Marc and Renee. She would climb all over Nico, knock him down and try to pull his hair. She is so rough with Sydney(our dog) I think she thinks she can be rough with everyone...yikes :) She did try to give him an occasional kiss too, so I guess that makes it all better!
Giada loved the ball pit, I think she may find one at our house in the future!
Family photo op


Sara Parr said...

Looks like fun! So bummed to miss it!

Dean Family said...

Looks like the party was a hit and Giada is looking so grown up, cute, cute cute!

Lisa said...

I love that she is rough, lol! That is so funny. We miss you guys. When are you coming to San Diego again?

NorCal Chavis Tribe said...

I don't know how you manage to be such a great blogger, but you are awesome! Giada is a beauty & with her rough and tumble ways she would probably be a great playmate for my little brute! Let us know if you are ever in the Sacramento area ;)

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