Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Post- Meeting Cianna, Pets, 6 Month Photos and more...

In my short life of 6 months, I've learned we are always on the go visiting with family and friends, and getting out and about, and I must say life so far has been great.

This week we finally got to meet Cianna. Adrian, and Eric were on a visit up to Philo to meet Eric's family and stayed the night with us. I'm usually the smallest one with the kids I play with but this baby was small. I'm not sure she liked me touching her face and mom kept saying "gentle" whatever that means!

We caught Cianna smiling...

With Bre and Peyton too....Man I look big next to these petite girls!!
I'm 6 months old, can you believe it? Time flies! I've learned a lot and grown a lot this month!
- I got my first tooth! It's on the bottom but it didn't seem to bother me too much when this one came in. The doctor says I have another one coming up soon.
- I started eating real food this week. Tried peas and don't like them so much, spit them all out. Now I'm on day 2 of sweet potatoes and those are going slightly better!
-I'm 17lbs 3.5 oz and 27" tall. I'm in the 90% - I'm a growing girl.
-Got some more shots at this appointment. I didn't like them one bit, at least next time I heard the doctor say I don't have to have any shots at my 9 month appointment. I'm going to hold him to that!
-I'm talking up a storm. Mom thinks "da da" is coming soon, it almost sounds like it. I also do a lot of screeching which some people have said sounds like a dinosaur.
-I can sit up all by myself now and love it, playing up high is much better.
-I love playing with Sydney and any dog really. I grab the cat and dogs hair, Sydney doesn't seem to mind but Max(cat) doesn't really seem to like it too much.
-I love being outside, if I'm outside I'm a happy girl.
-It's pretty hot here in Lodi, so we have been going swimming a lot to keep cool. I love to splash around in the pool and in my bath now.
-I do my fake cough a lot, I think its funny and then laugh at myself.
- I love it when dad rubs his head on my belly, I laugh so hard I scream.
-I stick my tongue out even more now, if you can believe that, and blow bubbles and make noises.

A few from my 6 month photo-shoot!

Random photos from the week...
This is what happens when dad watches me...

On a walk with mom....I love my new Sophie Giraffe

Pops puts me on his head. I grab his hair and laugh it's so funny. But he says I'm pulling out all his hair and that's why it looks like he's going bald....I'm not convinced it's MY fault.

Me and Mom!
I love my pets!

When we come downstairs in the morning the first thing I do is laugh and play with Sydney.
The videos won't upload for some we'll post them another time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family week and 5 month photos

This week we spent a lot of time with family!
Auntie Gina was in town visiting so we had lunch with one side of the family and brunch with the other side. Great to visit with my auntie, grandparents and great-grandparents!

Also spent some time with Nana and Pops while mom and dad went to see the movie Hangover. They said it was very funny!

I played in my jumper, I love jumping in it these days....

And played outside on the lawn with pops...And then got so tired I fell asleep.....
We voted for Pablo- Big Panda....but apparently not enough since he didn't make it in the All Star Game. :(

I turned 5 months old a few weeks ago, but mom forgot to post the they are. She says its harder now to do the photos because I want to play with the blocks! I mean what does she expect my fine motor skills are totally improving!!!! You will see I'm sitting with the Boppy behind me here but I can actually sit quite well now and almost am sitting up without toppling over. I am doing a lot of babbling all day long, and smile and laugh a ton!

Ive mastered the push up too!

Last but not least I had my first non grandparent baby sitter this week. Mom and dad went to dinner with Nonna and Nonno to "The Kitchen" in Sacramento. I heard them saying it was one of the best dinners they had ever had. Auntie Lindsay (with a little help from Hilder :) watched me and we had so much fun. Thanks again Auntie!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oregon, Graeagle, 4th of July

Well lots of travel this week. Monday my mom, Giada and I headed to Eugene, Oregon to visit her youngest brother who moved there last year. It was a beautiful drive and an adventure no doubt. Considering its a 8 hour drive, if you don't stop, Giada did well on the 11 hour trek to get there. My mom played with her in the back when she was awake and sat up with me when she was sleeping. We made some stops in beautiful Ashland for lunch along a creek and some shopping and some interesting rest stops to feed along the way. Ashland and Eugene were both so beautiful, green luscious hills, rivers, creeks, lakes, and covered bridges everywhere. No wonder they had no trouble moving there.

Hanging out in Ashland for lunch. Mom bought me a new hat and some new toys while we were there to keep me occupied along the way. She even let me drive along the a rest stop that is. This was one of our creepier rest stops. We pulled off and there was nothing there but this junk yard. My scrapbooking mom had to document it of course!

While we were in Eugene my uncle took a couple days off to show us around. We hiked to the top of a Butte and could see the whole city.

Giada took a nap on the way down!

Then the next day we went to the Oregon coast to play at the beach, it was a little windy but we had a great time. There was hardly anyone there!! Not like the CA beaches that's for sure. The water was chilly, but Giada had a great time poking her toes in the sand, and didn't seem bothered by the cold water on her feet. She made funny faces for sure, and wasn't quite sure what I was doing to her!
Documenting the first time to the beach of course!

She was such a good sport hanging out in the Bjorn all week. We hiked down these hills to get to the beach, what a beautiful place!

My new hat is not that cute, but SPF 50 and protected my head!! Kelly thanks for joining us for FFF (Forced family fun!)

Playing Piano with Uncle Chris!

The reason my uncle moved there was to work at Fall Creek, a blueberry nursery. We took a tour while we were there, boy were the berries yummy!

Rest stop break on the way home was a much better location! Every few hours we liked to get out of the car and take a break!

We got home late Thursday night and headed to Graeagle Friday morning to celebrate the 4th.

While we were there we....
Roasted a pig...

Saw a deer in the backyard... Wore festive outfits...

Played with Nonna and Nonno...
Went swimming....

Watched fireworks....

Went to the pancake breakfast...they served yummy Gin Fizzes while you waited!
(Don't worry Bush, they have nothing on yours!!)
And went strolling and shopping with the gang on Main Street!
Long fun week filled with 1sts!! Giada is starting to scoot around everywhere we are watching for the crawl. The rice cereal is going down a little better this week, and lots of drooling, maybe those teeth are coming soon. We are working on the sleeping at night, which is tough for me, but I know will be better in the long run!! I'm finally getting tired and need a little sleep!