Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 Week Update - Lots of playdates!

Hello Hello...

Sorry for the lack of posts (Jackie!) I'll try to get back to doing it on Sundays. (How often have I said that???) I'm not sure if I mentioned this to my blogger family, but a couple weeks ago I stopped working for Palmer Advertising. It was a hard decision to make, I had worked there since 03! But....I'm happy now that the decision has been made and I can spend all my time with Giada. This is our first week really getting into a routine. For the last 2 weeks a lot of my friends and my mom have had 2 week spring break, so we had lots of friends to play with. I will also be able to help more with the oil business as well, which is always good for the family.

One day we went to the park with Nana, Marla and Jared. Giada LOVES
the swings, and tunnels too.

Baby Jared all cozy!

One day we had lunch with Bre, Amy, Renee and kids. I guess they wanted to go outside.

Petyon Diehl, just turned a year in March.
Jude Ali

We've made a couple trips out to the lake lately. Fun for Giada to
run around and Sydney to get some exercise too.

Uncle Gino came to visit and wanted to check out the cattle, so to the ranch we went.
Giada was not scared of those big cows at all and wanted to be closer!!
Lots of visits with pops!

A visit with Lucca Guontone. He just turned a year last week.

All the kids at his party waiting patiently for the pinata!
Mike finished up the sand/water table he made for Giada.
We tested it out this weekend. It's a hit, she loves it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicken Fried, Nico Turns 1, Shamrockin Half Marathon

This week/weekend was a busy one.
Started off with a Thursday night concert at Acro. "A Little Bit of Chicken Fried" with the Zac Brown Band. Not the best pics, but fun to ride in a limo, and had amazing pizza at Hot Italian in Sac.

Saturday we headed to Winsor to celebrate with the Busalacchi's for Nico's 1st bday.
Sock Monkey was the theme, and it was so darling. Even homemade Sock Monkeys for the kids- great job Renee!!
The kids loved running around and playing with eachother. We dont give Giada sauce with her food usually, so when she was given some, she decided to play with it instead of eat it!
Ketchup in the hair! What a fun- but sticky mess.

Clever Decor

Birthday Boy!
Tali- one of the beautiful Cuneo girls

Jackie and Gianna
I love this slide.

The infamous ketchup incident.

Then it was back home to Lodi for a big dinner, then up bright and early(thank you time change for falling on run day) to head to Sac for the Shamrockin Half Marathon. Everyone finished, and had a great time- right Nicole?? I was very proud of our first timers the Kernals- they did awesome! It was also great to catch up and visit with Jackie- thanks for joining us Jacks!

The gang before the race. Look how dark it is, and only 38 degrees- burrr!
Congrats Kernals on your first half marathon!!
Mike and I post race- proudly wearing our medals - when else can you wear those things!

Post race- We made it!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zoo, Mom's 60th, and Randoms!

Well this weekend my mom turned 60! Isnt she looking good???
But there sure were ALOT of candles...and ALOT of smoke...he he he love you mom!
Dinner at our house on Friday night, then my mom and dad went to Half Moon Bay for a getaway.

Dinner guests

Random Pics
Giada has really enjoyed reading to herself lately. And then bringing over book after book for us to read together.

Just checking mom to make sure you baby proofed this plug!

Love my jeep!

Micke Grove Zoo
Well its not as good as it used to be. No lions, seals, none of the good stuff. Looks to be under construction, but I think has been for awhile. It was still a fun outing and Giada loved it. Her two favorite things - birds and monkeys so she was set. But, I think we'll definitely need to hit up the San Diego Zoo on my trip in October!

She really wanted to touch that rooster!

Pointed at everything!

Peek a boo!

Went over to look at the Japanese Gardens after the Zoo. They are still in pretty good shape!
Over all great weekend!