Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Kings, Peyton's Birthday, Gino Jeep, Raley Kid's Day

Don't worry - we are teaching Giada the important things in life! Go Kings!
This little guy is growing up. We have a picture of Giada in this jeep too...I'll have to pull it out and compare!

Celebrating Peyton's Birthday! The girls ate more sprinkles then they put on their cupcakes.

Always hard to get a group photo of the kids!
Playing around at Go Bananas!
Pops found Giada Tinkerbell gardening stuff - knee pad, shovel and gloves. She especially loves it when she comes across a worm or snail! The other day she put a worm in some water and told me "this worm just loves taking baths" she doesn't realize he isn't actually swimming....he's no longer living. :)

We got rained out at this event last off we were to it this week. Thanks Renee for the heads up on this event, it was a fun one. Bouncy houses, parachutes, frisbees, bats, balls, coloring, hula hoops and much more! Looking forward to the next one. It was not overcrowded and everyone was super had a blast!

This picture was as we were walking in.....not sure what they are doing, but it's funny to see their little personalities in action.

Giada loved Dinger!
Hey batter batter.....
Clearly the kids had no interest in our photo.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

St. Patricks Day, Nico's Bday, Sleepover & Giadaisms

We have a climber! She will climb anything and everything and more recently moving objects to climb on so she can get to what she wants. So far this poor Japanese Maple has only lost one branch!
Happy St Patrick's Day! Bre at BW Photography had a darling set for the holiday. Giada's "neck hurt" that day. It was very out of character but she had this sore neck for a couple days - maybe slept wrong?? Who knows. Either way - wanted nothing to do with our picture, but Gino cooperated. I kept asking if she wanted to go back and she said "Next time Ill take a picture atBres work"
We still love our cat Max! Max was missing for the first few weeks of having Belle, but we have convinced him to come back. He does run straight upstairs when he gets in the house....I think he is pretty frightened by the pup but he is adjusting!
No preschool for the kiddos the last 2 weeks, so Heather and I wanted to do something fun with the kids. Wouldn't you know it rained the day we planned to go to the SF we headed to the Mud Mill - the kids love to paint there.
I asked them to look at me for a picture and they said they were busy - lolIt's not a trip downtown unless you hug Big Bear!Gino is also climbing on everything! He has made major progress on getting himself down though....which makes it much better for everyone!So I saved the party hats from Giada's birthday. She had us all wearing them the other night and said "Let's pretend it's my birthday!" I think she was hoping for cake and presents too! Sydney was a good sport, along with Mike and I...Gino and Belle....not so much....Later in the week the crowns and hats came out again. This time she said "Gino can be queen"
And it's official...I'm the mom that drives those HUGE carts you can't even move around the store. I always regret giving in, but they have so much fun. Gino couldn't get enough of that steering wheel.The boys headed to Reno for some March Madness, so the girls got together and had a sleepover. The kids had tons of fun, staying up late, watching movies and making pizza. We had lots of fun drinking wine and catching up. Thanks Nicole for having us over!

The kids were cracking us up that night. Dylan said "this is going to be the best pizza ever" I also said at some point in the night - Dylan, it's so nice to see you, he replies "thanks!"

Happy Birthday Nico!! Marc and Renee should make a business out of throwing parties! They are awesome at it!! This year's theme Mr. Potato Head. Food, friends - so much fun!

Just a sampling of the HOMEMADE AMAZING potato heads all around the house!
Nico and Giada messing up the darling table decor!
Gino enjoyed being pushed around the party on the tryke
Dylan went to town creating his potato head cupcake!
And had fun making funny faces at me when I was trying to take pics!
Lots of kiddos!
I just can't write things down fast enough these days...she is a crack up.
- This one ...not so funny! "Mom, your stomach is getting big" Really Giada.....thanks a lot.
- She loves drawing things these days, letters, numbers and learned a heart. She said "Look I made a heart just like dad showed me!"
- She was helping us make dinner and says " This is going to be the best cooking ever, I can tell"
- Mike was helping with dinner and I told him to let her crack the eggs, he looked at me like - that is a bad idea- and she says " I can be the egg cracker in no time"
- Giada was resting in our bed one night watching a movie, I was cuddling with her until she said " Don't lay your cheek on me, I'm not a pillow" :(
- That same movie night we were having some popcorn and she says "I like salt on it and this doesn't feel like it has any??" - Really Giada??
-Potty training is improving. I just gave up and that method is working, most of the day she is going by herself. And she loves the potty chart, different stickers for what happens - seems fun for her.... we'll see...hopefully the end is near!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthdays, Shamrockin', Kid updates, Lake etc..

A few special birthdays we celebrated this week.
We went to visit Peyton, Giada's good friend who turned 3 this week! The girls were wearing Peyton's birthday crowns in celebration! Happy Birthday P!
My mom shares a birthday with Peyton. We headed out to dinner with the fam after we sent my mom to a day of pampering. She helps us out so much we thought she deserved it! I won't share her age, but I think she's looking good! (You do the math, she had me when she was 30) :)
Happy Birthday mom!!
Trying to get a pic of Gino's big two bottom luck yet!
I saw a cute idea online or Muffin Tin Monday.... we tried it this week and it was super fun. Giada loved eating from each cup, and of course suggesting to me what should go in each one. Only thing is ....she wants to do this every day!
One evening Mike was out working on oil stuff, so we headed out to the lake to kill some time while he was busy. We ended up there for a couple hours, just letting the kids and dogs run around and it was a very relaxing evening! Nice to get out before all this rain started!
Giada loves to make Gino laugh by making funny faces when he is eating.

Fancy Nancy loves to ride on the scooter with us!

Gino likes to do whatever sister is doing! Pulling up on EVERYTHING these days.
SO...the day finally came for the Shamrockin half marathon. I signed up months ago...maybe Nov/Dec in hopes of getting myself back in shape. Well that was totally unsuccessful! I had only run a handful of times and 8 miles max, one time. I'm not a good trainer, so this wasn't so abnormal, I have just never been so out of shape, so I really didn't think I would make it to the end, running the whole thing. We had lots of friends say they would sign up....and they didn't, or waited too long and it was sold out. So it was just Dub, Meyer, T-Bird and B Sieb. They all did awesome and I brought up the rear. It was so early, dark and cold when we started out. They changed the run course, which was a nice surprise and I enjoyed this course much better than the other times I have run it. So I'm going to discuss a few things about having larger boobs when if that is TMI just don't read it! :) So, it's pretty clear that I have always had super small boobs my whole life....except when nursing....which is now. They are always changing sizes and I don't want to keep buying bras, so I just try to fit them into my old bras. Not a good idea. I just don't see what all the hype is about them - they are nothing but in the way. They bulge under your armpit and they hurt when doing any exercise. Not to mention they don't fit in shirts and usually look inappropriate bulging out of any v neck or button up shirt. The ONLY positive I've found is they help offset the baby fat roll that still remains! So I was in denial that this run was happening and started looking for my running stuff late Saturday night.....naturally I couldn't find my running pack where I usually carry my ID, gels etc. So I have my phone on my arm band for music and stuffed my ID in there, but no room for gels. I thought..not a huge deal I will just store those in my sports bra....again - Bad idea! So right away I'm running and I have to keep re-adjusting my bra for 2 hrs 18 mins as they kept coming out at the bottom of my sports bra. About mile 2... I realize the gels are slipping out too. SO, I kept just stuffing them in there thinking Ill eat one at mile 6 and 10 or so... well about mile 2 one pops out of my bra, out of my shirt and falls to the ground....immediately gets stomped on by another runner and chocolate mint gel is everywhere - then I hold the other one...about mile 5 I'm sick of holding it and just eat it. Definitely need to plan better for the next run! Around mile 8 I was SO sore and not sure if I'd make it and miles 11-12 I was just telling myself one foot in front of the other! Somehow I finished and better than expected but I certainly could not have run one more step!

Awhile back Gino did some pictures with Stephanie Moe Photography. It was at her new studio which is such a great space! Go check it out! She was taking pics for S&E Designs. Look them up too... she makes darling tutus, bows and hats for the kids! I'm pretty sure I need to order this monster hat!
Gino enjoys eating most fruits, carrots, and peas....but really prefers when I let him feed himself!
Giada eats a little more civilized! LOVES shrimp, but is really a good eater in general.
-" I lost all my manners at Nana's, but I found them"
- " I just love pistachios"
- We made cake pops to take Peyton for her birthday. Giada said " Petyon is going to love these, she is going to smile and laugh"
- After a nap " I just woke up for a 100 years"
- " you know who likes honey? bees and us"
- Loves acting out the story of the 3 little pigs, and going on a bear hunt...
- Mike turned on the Laker game, and the announcer said their name. Giada said " We don't like the lakers! Wheres the kings dad" I swear we can't make this stuff up!
- We were at Target and I usually tell her the workers say she has to stay in the pretty well most of the time... the other day she said " Where are the people that live here? The ones that say I can't get out" lol
- Loves getting herself dressed. I try to have her pick the pants and shoes, or shirt and shoes, so I can choose one part to try and make it match somewhat....but those days are coming to a close. So look out world....mismatched Giada will be out on the town
- Likes picking up Gino these days, so we have to keep a close eye on her
-Potty training! I gave up! I stopped asking or suggesting anything. She wears pull ups and I ask occasionally, but the last few days she goes a bunch on her maybe we are getting there. We did make a potty chart and she puts different stickers each time, and that seems to be a hit! Hope I'm reporting a fully potty trained girl soon!

- Crawling and pulling himself up on everything
- Nighttime sleeps are hit/ night he will only wake a couple times, sometimes 6 times. I'm not surprised but hopeful we turn a corner there soon.
- Sweet boy, easy going, laughs and smiles a lot
- Babbling a lot no real words yet
- Two bottom teeth are getting big