Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Kings, Peyton's Birthday, Gino Jeep, Raley Kid's Day

Don't worry - we are teaching Giada the important things in life! Go Kings!
This little guy is growing up. We have a picture of Giada in this jeep too...I'll have to pull it out and compare!

Celebrating Peyton's Birthday! The girls ate more sprinkles then they put on their cupcakes.

Always hard to get a group photo of the kids!
Playing around at Go Bananas!
Pops found Giada Tinkerbell gardening stuff - knee pad, shovel and gloves. She especially loves it when she comes across a worm or snail! The other day she put a worm in some water and told me "this worm just loves taking baths" she doesn't realize he isn't actually swimming....he's no longer living. :)

We got rained out at this event last off we were to it this week. Thanks Renee for the heads up on this event, it was a fun one. Bouncy houses, parachutes, frisbees, bats, balls, coloring, hula hoops and much more! Looking forward to the next one. It was not overcrowded and everyone was super had a blast!

This picture was as we were walking in.....not sure what they are doing, but it's funny to see their little personalities in action.

Giada loved Dinger!
Hey batter batter.....
Clearly the kids had no interest in our photo.

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