Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter pics, Easter fun run, birthdays, 8 mon pics, kiddo update

This week we celebrated lots of birthdays! Dinner with the family to celebrate Nonno!
Puss and Boots theme to celebrate Lucca! His dancing to the movie is hilarious- wish I had it on video!
And last but not least....Happy Birthday Francesca. The kids loved the Blues Clues theme and meeting Blue!
Aubrey had fun in the tent!
Giada made a new friend Gianna and the birthday girl Frannie wasn't sure what to do with all these people!
Best buds!

This weekend was the Easter Fun Run...the kids ran much better this year. The dogpile at the beginning of the run was classic but they all jumped up and took off! Mike put a video together below. I hope she stops running like me with her arms down! lol

This week we visited Ron and Kerry Hilder.... they had Giada climbing in their famous front yard tree in no time....along with snail science's always and adventure with the Hilders!
Gino still loves bathtime!

This week after the rain Giada wanted to take a scooter ride to Matt and Stephs...she quickly gave up the scooter for puddle jumping! Pajamas and cowboys boots...she was quite the sight!

I love artichokes! She asks for one every night when I ask what she would like for dinner!
This weekend was Lodi Spring Wine Show...always a fun one for us to see so many familiar faces and fans of the oil. The new flavors were a hit and we were award winners again!

Springtime Easter pictures with Heather Jean Photography. We feel so fortunate to have so many photographer friends always doing fun things to capture the kids! Giada was so excited to hold the baby chicks and hasn't stopped talking about them since.

Forgot to post these 8 month pictures!
8 months old
- Jabbering up a real words I can make out yet.
- Easy to laugh and thinks his sister is hilarious!
- Still easy going, and only cranky when he is tired or hungry...I'll take that.
- Terrible sleeper, up hourly the last 3 nights, but I'll blame that on teeth hopefully. I need to really work on's getting WAY old at this point and at 9 months, I stop night I had better get on it!
- Eating all kinds of baby food, doesn't seem to care what it is that he is eating. He really grabs for and wants real food. I'm just to nervous about choking and haven't given him much yet. He eats those puffs and seems to like those quite a bit!
- CORDS, he loves cords. He crawls from room to room to find them and outlets. Something Giada didn't care about..hope this passes quick!
- He has started letting go of things and thinks he can stand....and he is mistaken, he falls every time!
- Bangs on everything...tables, faces, whatever is near him. If he has a toy and can make it louder...all the better.

Giada Update and Giadaisms
- Finally is letting me comb her hair every night!! I put a million creams etc, on it and it's not too painful for her now! Progress! She only want's pig tails, but atleast she is letting me put her hair up!
- Likes to dress herself everyday...and it takes forever!! I try to get her to pick out one part the pants or the shirt, so I can pick out one part to make it kind of match...and she always wants to pick the shoes too. She usually prefers a dress or skirt and sparkly shoes....I'm wondering if she really is mine - lol!
- About half the week now Giada has no nap. Now I wouldn't be so sad about giving up the nap IF she went to bed earlier...but she still goes to bed at 9 or 10...that does not work for me. So we are figuring that out!
- She told me " I'm teaching Gino to say steak - not yet but when he talks he can say steak!"
- We were cooking dinner one day and she said "Dad, when you turn into a girl you can have these" (She meant her measuring spoons) He said, "Oh when will that be" She said" When you turn into a girl"
- Giada told me " I wont say your stomach looks big again, but when I was in your tummy it was big and now its just kind of big!" Oh really...thanks Giada!! This was an improvement I guess from last week when she told me my stomach was big...not it's just "kind of big" - Ill take that as a compliment ;)

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