Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lorenzo Sitting Pictures & Big Kid Close-ups

How could I forget to post this guys sitting pictures and the kids last mini session!?!? 
As things would go our normal SUPER smiley baby, was ultra serious on photo day.  
But that tongue was having fun!


 The kids did some close ups, just playing around. This picture of Gino running cracks me up, because that sums him up. That boy is ON THE MOVE from 6am- 9pm daily and rarely sits still. 
He is so active. 


 Our sweet girl, is growing up. Right after these were taken she lost both front teeth.

 She has her own sense of style and I just get out of the way!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

October & Halloween

Traditions...I love them.  Holidays bring out some of the best ones. Halloween and the month of October are some of my favorites.

Happy 10th Birthday to Max!

Preschool Class trip to Fog Willow Farm was first on the list.

 This is what most often happens in photos these days; eyes closed and that big cheesy grin!

Stella had a field trip there too!
One morning we got to spend time at Stella's school.
 I think both Gino and Stella thought it was pretty fun.
 Another favorite stop is Phillips Farms...otherwise known as Michael David Winery. I sure hope they never get rid of the pumpkin patch entirely; it is a Lodi tradition. This year it was much smaller than previous years and no corn maze. But, the kids still enjoy running around and our favorite cut outs got a face lift.  

Nana and her kiddos.

 This family loves our time with the Zuluetas!

Cole took a trip to check out Phillips too!
 One day I decided to sign up for a marathon to force myself to workout. I have a few months I told myself. Well..that time has flown by and the race is almost here.  I am good about my long runs, but the weekday runs are hit and miss. Running with this double stroller is not always a breeze, and sometimes my running buddies are constantly causing mischief and delaying my runs. But if the mission was to force myself to workout more...I would say that mission is accomplished.

 This girl loves to draw. 
 That's a wrap.  Purple flames had a blast. Although she liked forward and scoring goals, she really loved playing defender.  Garrett and Adam did a wonderful job as coaches, and the girls improved so much. Next season cannot get here soon enough.

 It isn't Halloween without carving pumpkins. Mike is the master carver in this family, but sometimes Harvest gets in the way of pumpkin carving. So, I have to step in. I just love roasting the seeds, so that is the incentive for me! I got everyone set up and carving was started!
I promise Gino had more fun than his photo appears.

 Olaf and Anna...the Frozen theme lives on in our house.

When you are a kid, every activity you are a part of does a dress up day. Great fun for the kids and more wear out of the costume. We keep all our dress up clothes out, so it is rare in our house if a day goes by and someone isn't in costume.

School- Gino opted for Green Lantern for school, and Batman everywhere else. Cat woman loved her costume and has worn it all day long on most weekends.


Gino and Tristan are Little Ninjas now, and loving the new class at Impact Sports.

 We go around all week and Trick or Treat at Family and Friends, so on actual Halloween we can be home to hand out candy, and just walk around our neighborhood. Seems to work pretty well for us.  

 I am pretty sure we are Grandma Barbara's only Trick or Treaters.
Ran and Bud's house with Stella

 Of course we have to stop and see Cinderella
 Giada was grabbing decorations to test out next years possible costume.

 This guy is on the move these days!
 Trick or Treat! It was so warm on Halloween Gino went sleeveless. Only in California would it be this warm late October, but winter has seemed to finally arrive. We have had a little rain and cold weather finally!
 Annual Halloween pictures with Bre Meyer! Super hero family this year. What are the chances I can do a coordinating costumes next year???  I'm going with slim to none!

The annual group shot.
 Last but certainly not least. Harvest was well on it's way in October, started earlier this year. The kids love checking the olives for Prying Mantis.