Thursday, November 12, 2015

7 Months, SF Wedding, Family, SM Olive Oil Run, Doves & More!

With this post I think we will almost be caught up. Up next Halloween.

The monthly photos get harder and harder as this little guy has no intention of sitting still. 
7 Months
 - No teeth
-Sitting unassisted
-Laughs so easily when tickled or at his big brother and sister
-Baths now without the baby bath
-Loves to cuddle
-Doesn't sleep too long, but does go to bed easily
 -Old enough to swing
-Still does not like going into the car seat 
-Hair is SO long and grows fast. He has already had 2 real haircuts with Auntie Steph. It is hard to get a baby to sit still for a real haircut.  He is over it about half way through the cut.

We are so happy that Ran and Bud live so close to watch the kids grow up.
 Dinner with Em before she took off on her trip to Germany.  No photo is complete these days without a silly face photo as well.

 Stella was hanging out with us on Matt's birthday, so a cake was on the to do list.  Of course the kids requested rainbow cake, so I had to work hard. LOL.

 Happy Birthday Brother!

 Dove Season. I would say they had success.

Gino always has to make sure he still fits!
 At the St. Mary's Olive Oil Festival this year we had the kids do the Olive Run.  We made them run the 1 mile race. We were not sure how they would do since it was further than some of them had run without stopping, but they all did a great job! It was so fun to watch. Team Calivirgin!

 Gino and Aubrey even won a medal for being the fastest in their age group. Considering it was a 5-8 age group, I would say they did excellent!
Mike was at a milling course, so the kids and I headed with my Mom and Ran to a wedding in SF. My cousin Andrew and Shawny were getting married.  It was such a great weekend filled with so many events and moments to visit. There are a lot of us considering my mom is 1 of 8, they were so sweet to invite all the kids to the wedding.
 Shawny's mom made all these beautiful 3-D origami type favors for all the kids to choose from. They were all over the tables. The kids had so much fun checking them all out and deciding which one to take for a souvenir. Giada and Gino have displayed them in the playroom, and taken them for Show and Tell at school. She put so much time into them, I am still amazed when I look at the detail.

 Our attempt at a selfie.....I would say we failed.
 Wedding time with Steph!
 Giada and Cousin Drew had a blast at the wedding. When they weren't hogging the photo booth, they were dancing up a storm!

We have a stack of about 30 of these photo souvenirs.

 Another fun part of the trip was the indoor pool was open late night. So the kids swam every night and any time we had a break from activities.  Entertaining this little guy at the pool.
After the pool you must rinse off right!?
 Can't wait to see the professional photos of these 8, and our entire MacLaggan group!
 Bye cousins...until next time!

St Anne's Pink Day
1st Grade

These two are great helpers for their little brother.  (Most of the time)
Giada loves to have him be her wake up call.

Dylan turns 7! Ice skating fun.  Giada was hesitant after her 1st time around the rink and then loved it.  Big props to KR for teaching her how to skate!

 More party fun. Happy Birthday Tony!  Giada loves any excuse to see her buddy Adelaide!

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