Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer fun, Gina's Baby Shower, Camping, Preschool & MUCH more

Summertime is here!
Giada LOVES to dress herself!
 Playtime adventures with Nana....gymnastics and gardening

 1st attempt at asparagus pickling. Process went well, and they taste pretty good but need more kick! Funny how different the flavors take to asparagus versus the cucumbers for pickles.
 Hard to believe that another year of preschool is down. Last day of school is a field trip to the local gymnastics place. Sweaty fun had by all the kids, then a certificate presentation. Giada and one of her best buddies Seve both have one more year in preschool, their birthdays don't make the cut. We love Teachers Patty and Jan and look forward to next year!
 Adventures with Stella! EVERYWHERE I go I am asked if they are all mine, followed up with "That's a handful" I think I will just start saying yes to get a reaction! One lady told me this week, "well they all look healthy" whatever that means!!

 Giada has turned a corner and drawings are looking much more realistic. She must take after Mike, as I can barely draw a stick figure!!
Cousin Katie comes home! Quick morning visit, great to see you!! (And meet your BF :-)
 Camping at the lake!

Rooftop adventures with Hilder!

Breakfast with Pops!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

In a matter of days Giada seems WAY too big for this bike!! We have been enjoying evening rides as the weather cools off!
 Finally the dogs share the toy as they swim out in the lake.
Baby shower for Gina! My nephew will be arriving soon...well not too soon, mid July! We can't wait for him to arrive and get a name decision!!


Cousin Love!