Saturday, December 12, 2015

NOVEMBER it is below.  The days of weekly blogging, seem to have gone by the wayside, but I will take monthly! Now if I could catch up on Blog books, I would be set!

Super fun when you loose both your front teeth to stick your tongue between them...all day...everyday!
 Annual Cal Poly Softball Alumni weekend.  Mike was still harvesting and Giada had activities at home to attend, so the boys and I headed South. SO weird to travel without Giada, but I know she had such fun with both Nana, Nonni and Dad all by herself. She even did a little bowling and lizard catching while we were away.
 This boy could be at the beach all day long.  We didn't get nearly enough beach time in, we will have to make a trip back soon. Did you hear that Clarins??
 Red seems to be dominating Motherhood, as expected!

 Avila Barn with Brooklyn! Feeding the animals and loving the corn on the cob booth.
I would have to agree it is a highlight of the barn!
 This guys first trip of many to SLO. All the kids have worn this shirt, I hope one of them can pull it together to go to college there!! GO MUSTANGS!
Good fun had by all at the Hilder house. A living room perfect for Giada's never ending cart wheels.  Hilder, quite possibly the best hide and go seek partner since she will do it 100x. And not to mention the best front yard climbing tree around.  Lorenzo loved Baer...but from a distance!

 Harvest is a wrap..until next year! We are glad it was a good season, but are happy to have daddy home at night. You know how I feel about traditions!  Tasting oil straight from the mill and sitting in the olives for a photo is a must!
 The Coldani's love their time with the Luigs boys! Happy Birthday Tristan!
 Fun night with friends.  Lorenzo was already out for the night. 
I wonder how much longer he will sleep in there??
 Happy Birthday Heather!
 Thanksgiving Lunch at School, fun to have Pops and Grandma Barbara at the Feast this year.

 Looks like Madeline and Giada snuck in on the Keller boys photo, sorry Cari!
 What a fun afternoon.  Giada and I took an adventure to meet her at Williams Sonoma.  The two discussed nicknames, and cooking. Giada was so sweet to spend time with her and answer all her questions.  Our Giada was wanting to give Giada a bottle of oil.  We waiteduntil the end to see how things were going.  The opportunity arose and a very sweet employee took Giada over there to deliver it.  I stayed back and she told me she told her, "my daddy made this oil. "  She was very proud of it, Giada again was so sweet and offered to take more photos. Fun memories that we will always treasure.
We miss seeing Adelaide, Adri and Tony everyday.  Meeting up at the park was fun for the kids and a great catch up visit with Crystal!
This boy only likes to take baths. Bath beards are a must.

While we were cold and taking care of the dogs, we were getting sent these beautiful photos. 
 Glad everyone had a great trip! ALOHA!

Giada was so excited to get a real flower necklace when they got home! 
I think she was missed!
 At least she has one hand on the wheel! Ranch fun with cousin Cole.

 Happy Birthday Aubrey! Girls only Spa Party was a big hit!

 Annual Thanksgiving Run to Feed the Hungry. KR and I kept the tradition alive. Usually we have a big group, but this year the kids dominated the kids run, and ran most of the 5K with us too.  Our hair flair this year was on point! Gino asked me when we have the next run.  The kids have caught my running bug.

Another tradition we carried on this year was heading to Graeagle for a couple days. We were able to relax and play in the snow this year.  The tree cutting was kind of a bust this year but we ended up with a tree in the end.  The bear was all covered up this year in his winter coat.  We saw a TON of deer and had fun counting them all; although we may have been recounting the same deer every day.  Sledding, snow shoeing, and snowman building.


 So fun to see friends in the snow.

The many faces of being 9 months old! At this point staying still is not an option!

- Weight: 18lbs 14 oz. (Little guy 34%)
-Height 2 ft 5.25"  (Tall 83%) 
- Good thing we moved the crib down, not 2 nights later he started pulling himself up.
- Sticks out tongue all the time
-Listens when you tell him "no" or "stop"
-Easily laughs when tickled or when Giada/Gino talk to him
- Loving cuddling up and hanging out with Daddy
-Stops crying immediately when Giada sings Away in a Manger
-Walks along furniture
-One tooth finally poking through
- Passed his swallow test at the Childrens Hospital! 
- Started eating puffs and thicker food.
-Still waking up a ton at night!
-After 7 months of exclusively pumping, I have stopped producing, and moved on to formula. This is weird for me since I nursed the other kids for 12 months, but I know he will be fine and that is just the way it worked out this time around!