Friday, February 19, 2016


New Years in Graeagle. Fun ringing in the New Year with friends in the snow! Cheers to 2016!

 Standing strong and taking some steps!

 The Graeagle bear was all covered up in his winter coat but we still take our photo 
and say hello to him; it's a tradition. We all know how I feel about traditions.

 Morning snuggles are the best!
 Lorenzo is so proud of himself every time he climbs on the train table. 
He gets up there and waves to you and smiles.
 Tea anyone?  Gino set up quite the elaborate spread for me one evening! He can be very sweet.

Anyone played Pie Face? It is actually pretty fun, you never know when the hand will release. 
Gino and I were the only ones brave enough to try it. 

Happy Birthday Adelaide!

 Such a fun afternoon showering Baby Reese!
Nana Kitty & Nana Carol

 Lorenzo loves the park, especially the swings.

 Jalapeno Garlic wins at the Good Food Awards. Fun evening in SF with family celebrating and enjoying time with other artisan food companies.

 Soccer is over..we have moved onto basketball. This is our first time with Upward Sports and it has been a great experience. She is learning more and more every time she is on the court. Go Broncos!

 One little lady is now 7! She had many celebrations all week, lucky girl!

 Gino and his sweet tooth were glad it was birthday week too!

 How much fun is it to have a swim party when you have a winter birthday??
  I was too busy visiting to take many photos.

And the highlight of the weekend....pierced ears. I was much older when I did mine, but we gave in after many requests. The first attempt on Friday didn't go too smooth but by Sunday she was so brave and didn't even the endless questions about how long she has to wait to change them out.

 We have lots of pets in our family....2 dogs, 2 cats, and a turtle.  Lucky was not there when Gino went to bed and totally startled me when I went in to check on the kids. I guess he found a warm cozy spot.
11 Months old!  Still a cuddly, sweet, boy. LOVES avocado, picking up/throwing and playing with balls. Rarely sits still, and isn't sleeping through the night.  Copies noises, very ticklish, and waves after you leave.