Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 months old, E Bunny, Graeagle, & one more thing on boobs!

Photographer I am not!
I tried to take some photos using the block idea I stole from Nicole and it didn't work out so well. She was kicking the blocks around - it just didn't work. But I'll keep trying or maybe keep it to the professionals for the monthly photos. One great thing she has done this week is sleep longer! Sunday night we got a 5 hr stretch and last night 7 hrs. I couldn't believe it, I kept waking up and checking on her to make sure she was still breathing. I couldn't sleep longer than 4, guess I'm not used to sleeping that long anymore...and I hope its not a fluke!

This week we went with Nana to the Arden Mall, Giada was awake and Easter Bunny was there so we took a photo. It was pretty funny actually - I felt real momish!! And with Santa at least you can decide how creepy he looks- because you can see his face, with the bunny you can't see who is in there and the person didn't speak! But we got a cute photo none the less.

This past weekend we went to Graeagle with the Kernals. It was beautiful up there and very relaxing. We didn't really do much but eat, relax, eat some more and get a round of miniature golf in. I'd say Nicole and I did pretty well with kids strapped to our chest. I needed Moby lessons from Nicole, but Giada seemed to like it which is great. I like it much better than the Bjorn.

There was some snow up there so we staged some photos and she got to wear her snow outfit she got from Nonna before she grew out of it!

This Friday Giada and I are taking our first plane flight to LA for Adj's baby shower...wish me luck, hope it goes well. I'll be posting a full report next week of course. I figure worse case senario she cries for the whole hour we are on the plane...right?

Last but not least....on the boob comments from last post, I forgot to mention one thing. Stretch Marks!! Not that the lotion probably worked anyway, I'm sure it's all just hereditary, BUT...never did I think I'd get them on my boobs. You are worried about butt, stomach, legs, back. Didn't know I needed to be concerned about the boobs. AND...if they are both the same size now, and were before ...why does only one have ALL the marks! I know it could be much worse, but just thought I'd add this about the marks. I guess that is one thing you wouldn't get from a boob job! ;)

She thinks mom is SO funny when we do a diaper change...most of the time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 months old! Busy week and Boob comments!

Wow, hard to believe that my baby is 2 months old already.
She had her 2 month check up and shots yesterday. Very hard to see her so upset from the shots, but today she seems to be back to her old self. She is 12lbs 3 oz - 23 inches already...big girl!(Dylan watch out, she may pass you up!) She is cooing now and making noises which is fun. You feel like she is talking back to you and the interaction is great, the smiles are more often which is awesome. She has discovered her feet and is constantly kicking them around.

Last week the bathroom remodel continued so we are out and about all week. We spent some time at the Kerns, both grandparents, Mike's office and running lots of errands. Cant wait to have our house back!

Rainforest Swing at Nonna's

Gina and Scott were in town this weekend so we had a family dinner to celebrate Steves birthday early.(Mikes Dad) It was great to see everyone.

Aunt Gina

Uncle Scott

Great Aunt Patsy

We finally got a photo of the whole fam!

Sarah and Conner came to visit us on Sarah's spring break, it was great to see them. Conner is a Case mini-me. Thanks for making the trip Jane!

There has been LOTS of basketball on this week. A few of us always make brackets and bet against the boys...mine is so so this year...it's not looking good for the girls, but it is March Madness, anything can happen! We had a softball practice for our slow pitch team which is starting in a few weeks. It will be fun to get together with everyone but we look like the bad news bears! I also went to that self serve dog wash place to wash Sydney and it was pretty good, I highly recommend it. By the way, Sydney is in heat if there is a male golden retreiver out there, we need one to breed with her and arent having any luck!

Last but not least the boobs! This might be too much info, but oh well. As anyone who knows me could easily tell I've always had small boobs. Every small boobed girl wonders what it would be like to have big boobs or a boob job. I will have to say before anyone has a boob job they should see how the nursing thing goes. Maybe Im just not used to them yet, but I'm NOT a fan. When you exercise, they bounce ALL around and it is very uncomfortable.(I really feel for Nat and Nicole now!) And during the entire day they are poking out under your armpits and bumping your arms. It just turns out I don't like them and would never get a boob job. Although they are good for one thing...they do help offset the muffin top that I have going on at the waistline. Maybe I'll rethink that one day when they sag after nursing...but for now, I think they are no good!!

This week I wore my first pair of shoes! (wanted her to wear them before she grew out of them)

Happy St Patricks Day! (we did some napping that day and lunch with Nicole and her mom!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Busy Weekend!

Spring Training Time- Mike was getting Giada in the baseball spirit!
Go Giants! Go Twins!

Last week we had to be out of the house due to the bathroom remodel, so we spent time running errands and having lunch with friends.

Stacy and Gemma were in town from Tahoe, it was great to see them at catch up. I was very impressed with Gemma, she had a great memory and was so polite, with great manners. Nice work Stace!

Friday Night we attended a lingerie shower, no photos but it was a good time, the bride seemed to enjoy herself!

Saturday we were off to Roseville for Christie and JJ's Bridal Shower. It was great to see Dub and visit with KC on the ride there and back. We also saw Tracy there- she looks great, and seems ready to have baby Trenton out! Trace- we will be waiting for those room photos to be sent, it sounded amazing!

Sunday Nicole and I had a nice long visit with Lauren. We hadnt seen her in quite awhile, it was so fun for her to come over for a visit, now we owe her a trip to SF.
a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_9d6D6GmzMNw/Sb69O0ZgM1I/AAAAAAAAA_A/Cnqr_zBAHPk/s1600-h/lauren">

Sunday night my mom cooked me corned beef, one of my favorites since she will be out of town this week. Thanks mom!

Playing with Pops

Baby B is here! Marc and Renee had their baby on Sunday. He weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19.25 inches long. We hear they are doing great, and still deciding on a name, they've narrowed it down to 4.

I love to stick out my tongue.

Oh...and Hilder tried to change her 1st diaper alone this week! She was missing for a long time when Summer went to check on her and capture the moment. Apparently she used about 55 wipes....and Giada doesnt look too happy, but she survived!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Peyton Lynn Diehl arrived on Friday March 6th - 7lbs, 4 oz. 19inches.
Bre ended up finding out at the last minute that she was breech, and had to have a C section, but they are both doing great and she is home now. My photos are not the best but when I get more I'll add them to the blog. She is beautiful, so delicate and has a FULL head of thick black hair. Hard to believe Giada was that small since she is so big now. So funny when she came out she had her legs straight out. One still sticks out, no wonder Bre had all that pain in her rib, she had been kicking her for months.

Friday was also my moms birthday. We had a fondue party at our house to celebrate the big 5-9. I hope to look as good as my mom when I'm that age. But all my mom really wanted for her birthday was to see Giada, we are chopped liver to her now. ;)
We got her a new camera so she can capture the moment when ever she wants.

Stephs new hair cut- only she could pull it off!

Friday was also Summer's - "lay off party" She tried to make light of not so good situation by having many cocktails and wearing some funky outfits. After the bday party we headed over for a quick visit.

In costume which TV character do you think Melissa looks like....anyone???

This week I also got signed off to run again- whoo hoo! It's slow going and I'm super sore, but to run and have a good sweat felt great. 2 miles Sat, 3 miles Sun....and now training for a half marathon in May. I'm a dork and made Mike take a photo of us in the running stoller. You feel very "momish" running around town in a stroller, but Giada didnt seem to mind it too much.

Sunday we also had breakfast with the Bush's. Renee is having her baby Sunday. Good Luck Renee, you will do great, keep us posted!!!

And, so fun this week she smiled(without pooping) BIG milestone and so much fun to make her smile!

Last but not least...this week we are finally remodeling our master bathroom. Should only take a couple weeks. I'll post before and afters.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost 6 weeks

Finally photos from Bre's shower, sorry it took so long to get them on here. Bre is looking great of course, and is due this Thursday. She is finally off work so she can relax. Peyton will be here in no time! And I'm glad to have a friend off to visit with while I'm still off of work.

Hooter hider -I feel like a cow and spend SO much time using this thing!

Hard to believe Giada is almost 6 weeks old, time flies and now she is looking much bigger to me. We had another busy week as usual and our first out of town trip.

Tummy Time!

Weekend in Sonoma!
This weekend we traveled to Sonoma with Mikes family. Gina and Scott were in town to celebrate Ginas birthday and we attended an Olive Oil Annual Meeting. I thought we would get some great family photos while we were there but that didn't work out. We did get one good one with Mikes mom and Giada. She slept the whole way there and back, which I was nervous about. She doesn't love the car just yet. And she was really pretty great all weekend we were away.

This week we are starting a bathroom remodel on our master bath. We haven't used our shower in over a year - we have been putting it off and using the spare so it will be nice to have this project completed. I'll post photos soon.