Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Peyton Lynn Diehl arrived on Friday March 6th - 7lbs, 4 oz. 19inches.
Bre ended up finding out at the last minute that she was breech, and had to have a C section, but they are both doing great and she is home now. My photos are not the best but when I get more I'll add them to the blog. She is beautiful, so delicate and has a FULL head of thick black hair. Hard to believe Giada was that small since she is so big now. So funny when she came out she had her legs straight out. One still sticks out, no wonder Bre had all that pain in her rib, she had been kicking her for months.

Friday was also my moms birthday. We had a fondue party at our house to celebrate the big 5-9. I hope to look as good as my mom when I'm that age. But all my mom really wanted for her birthday was to see Giada, we are chopped liver to her now. ;)
We got her a new camera so she can capture the moment when ever she wants.

Stephs new hair cut- only she could pull it off!

Friday was also Summer's - "lay off party" She tried to make light of not so good situation by having many cocktails and wearing some funky outfits. After the bday party we headed over for a quick visit.

In costume which TV character do you think Melissa looks like....anyone???

This week I also got signed off to run again- whoo hoo! It's slow going and I'm super sore, but to run and have a good sweat felt great. 2 miles Sat, 3 miles Sun....and now training for a half marathon in May. I'm a dork and made Mike take a photo of us in the running stoller. You feel very "momish" running around town in a stroller, but Giada didnt seem to mind it too much.

Sunday we also had breakfast with the Bush's. Renee is having her baby Sunday. Good Luck Renee, you will do great, keep us posted!!!

And, so fun this week she smiled(without pooping) BIG milestone and so much fun to make her smile!

Last but not least...this week we are finally remodeling our master bathroom. Should only take a couple weeks. I'll post before and afters.


The Kerns said...

Love the lay off party. Much better attitude for Deb these days! :) Giada is getting so big! Her smile is beautiful!

Sara Parr said...

Super cute smiles!

shivelys said...

Can't wait to visit you guys. I promise Conner and I will run 2 miles with you ladies... Sorry, I can't make 3 without me needing a stroller!

Dean Family said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend and I got a kick out of the layoff party! fabulous news about the running; good luck with the training. Can't wait to see you soon- less than a month! Giada is a beauty and I love the smiles.

Papalii Family said...

oh my gosh, i love giada smiling!! shes so gorgeous!!

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