Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Post! Easter, Playing w/ Ella, Baby Francesca, Terra's Wedding....and More!

Sorry again for the delay it has been a super busy couple weeks, even more than normal!

Well lets start with Francesca Maria Avansino being born 6lbs, 14 oz. on March 31st. Moni is a trooper, and had quite the birth story but both her and the baby are home and doing well! Nicole and I had a chance to get to the hospital to see her. (New St Joes is very nice, by the way!) She was beautiful and we can't wait to watch her grow up with our kids!

Easter Weekend we also had Grandma Carol's 80th birthday. But before Easter ...we had to do some egg dying! Matt and Steph came over to help out. We tried the tie dye ones this year...lets just say they dont turn out like they look on the box! But fun nonetheless. Giada got to stay up late, and really doesnt look like she is enjoying this as much as are.

So lots of family time that weekend, which I always enjoy. Brunch and dinner, and lots of leftovers after the long weekend. This year Giada kind of figured out what to do with the eggs. We put a bunch of big plastic eggs on the lawn with toys inside. But she loves being outside, so also became easily distracted.

I can't believe she was keeping the ears on! She likes her new bubbles.
But naturally, really likes the basket grass!
Testing out my her chair!

Even Syd was a good sport!

The hunt is on....
Look I got one!
We love our Easter Bunny!

Brunch with Nonna
Oh but when she is....

Playing with Nonno

Sydney had to have surgery on her mammory glands. We were a little nervous about it all but everything came out great, and non- cancerous! Giada was a little freaked out about the stitches on her belly and would scream and point when she saw them. She is very protective of her doggy. But even then she still used Syd as a recliner! She is so patient with Giada, I continue to be amazed by her patience.

Lots of time with the my girlfriends this week. Giada and I got many visits from Auntie Lindsay, lunch with Linds, Nat and KR and Sum's 30th bday dinner! Great to see the Lodi gals.

Also, went to AZ this weekend with the CP softball crew for Terra's wedding. I think my abs still hurt from all the laughing we did. It was a quick trip I left Lodi at 4am on Saturday and was home by 7pm Sunday - but fun it was, and from the sounds of it, Giada and Dad had a great weekend too.

Yummy Red Velvet Cake

Through the years! And there were some good ones! Nice mullet Kev! Kevin and I were wondering, as we reviewed the photos why do parents always say "that's the haircut you wanted" Hello- if it looks that bad, don't do what I wanted! Right mom?? I have always asked my mom that looking back at my old photos.

Decor - It was a beautiful day, not too hot!

Addy and Sara

Schubie Schafer Fam

All the girls

Yeah Ness!

The Broms!

They dont look alike do they?

CP girls and Tubbb!

And last but not least, we had a playdate with Ella. The girls are only a couple days apart and this was the first time we got them together. Hopefully we will get to see them more often now. Amazing how different they are for being the same age, it was fun to watch them play together. Thanks for having us over!

Well I'm sure you are sick of us after this long post...so lucky for you the videos wont load. Ill save them for next week!

Until then...