Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go Giants!

Great win last night 9-5 to take the series from the Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Asparagus Festival and 3 Month Photos

Its official, this was my last week off before I start back to work -from home - part time Wednesday. Not exactly looking forward to it, but we figured we'd give it a try.

Friday we had a delicious lunch at Waterloo with the Bush's. It was a great visit with them and chance to meet Nico. He is darling and growing so quickly.

Well this year the Asparagus Festival was not quite the same as years past. We went on Friday with the Kernals. It was SO windy but we were able to poke around at the booths, have a couple beers, and of course have some deep fried asparagus we wait all year for. While we were at the festival Nicole wanted to buy Garden gadgets. (I'm not sure what the heck to call them) I have always seen people at the festival walking around with these and thought who the hell would buy these. we know. Nicole Kerns :) But I have to admit once she had them in the backyard they looked much better than I thought. The flamingo doesn't exactly blend in, but the other more "real" looking birds and bugs do blend in a bit, and certainly sway in that Delta breeze!!

Sunday we did the annual Great Spear-It Run 5K- we only had to stop once to feed the crying baby. Darn kid disrupting our exercise :)

This weekend Mike and I were able to get some projects done around the house. Giada was very content outside in her bouncer hanging out with Sydney.

While at the Kernals this weekend I also did some "market research." Time for Giada to have an exersaucer, and jumper, with so many reviews online its hard to choose, so we tested out all Dylans toys. They were a hit, cant wait for ours to arrive, she seemed to love playing in them now that she has figured out her hands and feet can do much more now. She is making lots of noises and laughing and smiling a lot, which is so much fun.

Hard to believe but she is 3 months old. So, this week I went to Sears and took some photos. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't turn out too corny. I really love some of the naked ones but didn't want to post them online. She wouldn't cooperate for all the poses the photographer wanted - they kept saying she was so "squirmy" and then Giada proceeded to pee all over the black drape they were using as well...oops, guess they are used to dealing with babies though and didn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Week

This week we spent a lot of time with family.
My moms sister Ran and husband Budwere visiting Giada for the first time. They are also moving here in the future and did some house hunting. We went on walks, had lots of family meals and visits. Mom and Ran babysat on Friday night so we could go to the wine stroll. It was fun to get out. But I felt bad because Giada had a hard time feeding, they couldnt get her to eat, which is no fun for Giada or her babysitters! My dad has a new name from that night "Grumpy Grandpa" :) He isnt so used to her crying like we are!

This week she finally likes using her Ocean Activity Mat.

Chayse and Josh came over for dinner while Chayse was visiting on her Spring Break, nice to visit and catch up! Chayse is better than all of us on the Wii! And Nicole you'll have to check out her Dog drawing skills, they rival yours! :)

We also spent time at Nonna and Nonni's this week setting up for Lisa Tetz baby shower, and during the baby shower. Nonna has the rain forest swing and she LOVES it. Loves the moving birds and talks to them the whole time!

The weather this past week has been so weird in Lodi....


And now HOT 90's....

Softball has started on Monday nights, we have quite a large fan club of babies and babysitters! Nicole found camo onesies for the kids to match our outfits. (My shirt hasnt come in yet, for those of you who will comment on why Im not wearing one) We had to put a bow in Giada's hair so she was not mistaken for a boy!

Last but not least....Red Bear!! This was a gift from Reeeeddd and she loves it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter and Bumbo Chair

From Giada.....

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had nice celebrations with family and friends. Ours was split this year Coldani side Saturday and Fuhrman side Sunday, so that was nice not to have 2 big meals in one day. I'm growing by the minute - certainly mom is not concerned that I'm not eating enough I have the double chin to prove it!

This week mom tried the Bumbo chair.....I'm not so sure about it just yet.

Then mom thought since I was in my cute Easter outfit she would have me play with the eggs, as you can see I'd rather just eat them! I mean drool on them.

Mom then tried to have me look cute with these eggs on the Bumbo tray. I played a funny game with mom but I don't think she liked it. Every time she put the eggs on the tray I hit the tray and all the eggs fell was fun for me!

With my first Easter basket.

I got some cool new shades from the Easter Bunny!

Family photo with mom and dad, I didn't smile too well for this bad.

Photo with Auntie Gina. It was great to see her again - she was up visiting from San Diego for Easter

All day while I was in my Easter outfit mom was talking photos. She can never catch me when I'm smiling. She got a couple half smiles here....but she left my bib on! Bummer! Guess I wouldn't have to wear them if I'd stop drooling!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Summers Bday and a Trip to LA

This week and weekend were rather eventful.
Sum's bday is on the 4th, but we had girls dinner earlier in the week to celebrate the big 2-9. We went to Mikuni in Elk Grove. Their sushi is always a hit.

All the girls (plus our new baby additions) Evie- sorry we took the photo after you snuck out.

Sum spinning the famous wheel.

Then Friday we were off on our first plane flight to LA. I was a bit nervous and unsure of how it would go with Giada. The photo is not the best but she certainly was. I fed her on the way up and she slept the entire flight both to and from!. It couldn't have gone any better!

I went to LA to attend Adj's baby shower before her little girl arrives in May. I was able to spend some great quality time with the girls and shower Adj with lots of goodies! It was a great time and I was so glad to be there! Jen and Hager have beautiful cameras and were taking photos of Giada all weekend - I cant wait to see their great work!! Ill post when I receive some.

Mama to be with Giada...looks like a natural!

Auntie Gelbart

Auntie Hager

Beautiful photos...thanks to Thrive Photography!

Giada is still sleeping better each night which is great! I'm finally getting used to more sleep and loving it. We had to officially pack up the newborn clothes. It was sad she is growing so fast, but fun to have a new wardrobe to choose from. :)