Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Week

This week we spent a lot of time with family.
My moms sister Ran and husband Budwere visiting Giada for the first time. They are also moving here in the future and did some house hunting. We went on walks, had lots of family meals and visits. Mom and Ran babysat on Friday night so we could go to the wine stroll. It was fun to get out. But I felt bad because Giada had a hard time feeding, they couldnt get her to eat, which is no fun for Giada or her babysitters! My dad has a new name from that night "Grumpy Grandpa" :) He isnt so used to her crying like we are!

This week she finally likes using her Ocean Activity Mat.

Chayse and Josh came over for dinner while Chayse was visiting on her Spring Break, nice to visit and catch up! Chayse is better than all of us on the Wii! And Nicole you'll have to check out her Dog drawing skills, they rival yours! :)

We also spent time at Nonna and Nonni's this week setting up for Lisa Tetz baby shower, and during the baby shower. Nonna has the rain forest swing and she LOVES it. Loves the moving birds and talks to them the whole time!

The weather this past week has been so weird in Lodi....


And now HOT 90's....

Softball has started on Monday nights, we have quite a large fan club of babies and babysitters! Nicole found camo onesies for the kids to match our outfits. (My shirt hasnt come in yet, for those of you who will comment on why Im not wearing one) We had to put a bow in Giada's hair so she was not mistaken for a boy!

Last but not least....Red Bear!! This was a gift from Reeeeddd and she loves it!


shivelys said...

Thanks for the Giada update Jules....She could never be mistaken for a boy! She is precious I think her and Dylan will make a very adorable couple!:)

Melissa said...

Lovin' that G is into her Reeeed Bear!!!