Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter and Bumbo Chair

From Giada.....

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had nice celebrations with family and friends. Ours was split this year Coldani side Saturday and Fuhrman side Sunday, so that was nice not to have 2 big meals in one day. I'm growing by the minute - certainly mom is not concerned that I'm not eating enough I have the double chin to prove it!

This week mom tried the Bumbo chair.....I'm not so sure about it just yet.

Then mom thought since I was in my cute Easter outfit she would have me play with the eggs, as you can see I'd rather just eat them! I mean drool on them.

Mom then tried to have me look cute with these eggs on the Bumbo tray. I played a funny game with mom but I don't think she liked it. Every time she put the eggs on the tray I hit the tray and all the eggs fell off...it was fun for me!

With my first Easter basket.

I got some cool new shades from the Easter Bunny!

Family photo with mom and dad, I didn't smile too well for this one.....my bad.

Photo with Auntie Gina. It was great to see her again - she was up visiting from San Diego for Easter

All day while I was in my Easter outfit mom was talking photos. She can never catch me when I'm smiling. She got a couple half smiles here....but she left my bib on! Bummer! Guess I wouldn't have to wear them if I'd stop drooling!


Dean Family said...

Haha too cute..especially the sticking out of the tongue. She is growing my the minute!

The Kerns said...

So cute!!!! This is just the beginning of the bibs and drool!!!!

michael said...
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Julie Cannon said...

i have the same problem giada...too much drooling and have to wear a bib! that's what you have to still look forward to in 30 years! and quite the typing and commentary skills you have. mommy and daddy should get your iq tested! can't wait to see your next blog entry!

Sara Parr said...

Love Giada's first post. Hilarious from her perspective. :)

shivelys said...

Fuhrman- what's up with the glasses? :)