Monday, April 6, 2009

Summers Bday and a Trip to LA

This week and weekend were rather eventful.
Sum's bday is on the 4th, but we had girls dinner earlier in the week to celebrate the big 2-9. We went to Mikuni in Elk Grove. Their sushi is always a hit.

All the girls (plus our new baby additions) Evie- sorry we took the photo after you snuck out.

Sum spinning the famous wheel.

Then Friday we were off on our first plane flight to LA. I was a bit nervous and unsure of how it would go with Giada. The photo is not the best but she certainly was. I fed her on the way up and she slept the entire flight both to and from!. It couldn't have gone any better!

I went to LA to attend Adj's baby shower before her little girl arrives in May. I was able to spend some great quality time with the girls and shower Adj with lots of goodies! It was a great time and I was so glad to be there! Jen and Hager have beautiful cameras and were taking photos of Giada all weekend - I cant wait to see their great work!! Ill post when I receive some.

Mama to be with Giada...looks like a natural!

Auntie Gelbart

Auntie Hager

Beautiful photos...thanks to Thrive Photography!

Giada is still sleeping better each night which is great! I'm finally getting used to more sleep and loving it. We had to officially pack up the newborn clothes. It was sad she is growing so fast, but fun to have a new wardrobe to choose from. :)


Dean Family said...

The visit was so great and all of us Aunties were so happy to finally meet Giada! Miss you guys already.

NorCal Chavis Tribe said...

How fun to be together with all your girlfriends! Moments like those are priceless! Was that the Mikuni on Eureka Rd.? I was just craving a roll from there today ;)Giada is GORGEOUS!