Monday, August 26, 2013

Catch up again...

Giada now has a much bigger bed! We moved her bed to Gino's room and he loves it.  She looks so tiny in this big bed.  Figured she can have this one for a long time. AND when you let a 4 yr old pic the end up with pink and green horses!

We got to have Aubrey with us one day. She had fun at gymnastics with Gino ...

And a little rest time with Giada
 ROAD TRIP! Steph and I decided to take the kids on a road trip to San Diego for the MacLaggan Family reunion.  With stops in SLO and Venice to see friends. The stops were all really quick but long enough to tire out the kids, then they would sleep on the next portion of our drive. Thanks to Dean's, Clarin's and Filice's for letting us crash.  Thanks to Jen, Jame, Jacks, & Schubs for meeting up! XO

We packed light and were about as tight as you could get.  It's ok I don't need to see out the back - right?!?
 Beautiful morning at Avila Beach 

This kid loves to lay in the sand!

Giada showing off her crab collection. Her favorite thing to do at any beach after being taught by the expert Hilder.
This photo is funny, but Stella really did have some fun! 

Next stop Venice for a quick visit and dinner..
Next stop...San Diego

We had fun at Seaport Village before meeting up with the MacPac.
Face painting, birds to hold, carousel, always love the live entertainers around there.


Thanks Katie for giving us a reason to get together! This is some of the next generation.
My mom is 1 of 8 so there are lots of cousins.  This is all of my cousins that were there and our kids.  Spouses included we are missing about 20! 

The MacLaggan siblings, just missing Ran!
  With spouses! Worst spot we could have picked for lighting, but it's better than no pic!
Before our last stop Steph and I took the kids on a ferry ride to Coronado. 

Last stop before heading home; visit with Dean's/Filices.

We had just gotten home and were headed away again. The Coldani family was off to the Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival. Unfortunately we had a lack of photos. But it was a successful event. We always enjoy our time in Paso. This year little Cole got to join in the fun.

While we were away the kids were in good hands with Nana and the Kerns. (Thanks again!)  Kiddos wrapped up there last soccer game. We were so bummed to miss. It has been fun to see her enjoying it so much by the end. Big change from walking around the first week. What's better than a trophy too??

Preston is headed back to Canada. Great visiting P!

Quick visit with the Schweitzers.  On there way to Tahoe they made a pit stop in Lodi. Fun to have some time to catch up, although never long enough.

 Strawberry jam! The burns and fire in the kitchen were worth it...making memories!

Hard to believe this little guy is 1 month already. He is still a great baby! Eating and sleeping well. Gina is back to work and we are sure glad to have her....and also glad for our frequent Cole visits!! Giada only calls him "Cole Russell" and asks me daily if I think he is big enough to play yet.
My mom took the kids to the Library Literacy Festival. She said it was great with many kid activities. Face painting, pony rides, coloring, clown, making musical instruments and more. Even a local photographer taking pics of the kids. Looks like Gino wasn't so into it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random Catch Up Post

Life has literally been insanely busy the last 2 months. 
Even for me, it has been a little much. But full of fun adventures along the way. 

Jay  Z and JT concert in SF. It was such a fun night out. We bought the tickets so long ago I had forgotten about it. I also wasn't sure I would know any of the songs. Nicole made me a mixed CD like the good ol days, and I studied up the week before and was ready to go! Tailgating is always fun and Jeff did not disappoint with one of the best sandwich bars!  

Kanters have been in town visiting from Canada it has been fun for the kids to all play together.

Grandma Carol is doing great! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes when we needed them early this year. She had a housewarming party where she is living now.  It was great to see her surrounded by her family and friends. 

Little baby Cole made a trip to Lodi. He is getting big already. 
He is sleeping and eating well, and staying more alert now.  

Giada told me "mom take a picture in our cool glasses" 
That is rare these days since she has decided she does NOT want any photos.

Clara Antoinette Avansino is here! 7/22 8lbs. 10 oz. 
Moni is doing great and Frannie is in love!

We love Marla being off work. Another visit with Mason and JZ! Like I mentioned, Giada is NOT liking photos so now we get this.....awesome
          Gino says "I hold I hold"

Chalk drawing is big these days. Giada is working everyday on her Robot drawings and they get more detailed every day. Gino then draws his "bobot" and yells it over and over!

Soccer Season is here! We keep trying new things until Giada finds what she likes best. Week 1, she WALKED the entire game. No where near the ball or players.  The next week there was some running, and last week a goal! I can hardly believe it! She loves playing with her best buddy Dylan!

Annual Mud Volleyball weekend. Always a good time.  This year Giada got to come and join in on the fun. Her and Gemma were swimming in the mud. At some points you could only see their eyes. Giada of course not wanting any photos, this was the only one I got!  She kept saying, "my brother would just love this!" She is right he would have, but he would have been a bit hard to corral this year, maybe next year brother can come along too! We played quite a few games, before losing to a team we should have beaten! Always tough to go down that way, but no injuries and fun had by all!

We have been moving beds around at our house. Giada is now in a big bed, and we moved the twin to Ginos room. She picked her own comforter, and she is in love with her horses!  

Preschool at Grace has started yet again. This will be her last year before starting Kindergarten next year. Most of her class is returning along with lots of new faces.

Making memories with Nana. It is a MacLaggan thing. The Night Bloomer is a flower that my grandpa had. It blooms once in awhile, at night, a beautiful and fragrant flower. The rest of the time it is not the most beautiful plant.  I believe my uncle gave my mom some clippings on my wedding weekend years ago. She has managed to keep them alive in her green house and Giada has been going over for sleepovers to watch it bloom. They do lots of things to kill the time, bike rides, hot chocolate, books under the flashlight. Making memories with nana.
I think Pops loves Monsters Inc more than the kids. And he doesn't miss a chance for movies and popcorn!
Although the Giants have hit a rough patch this year. Timmy pitched a great game the other night!

Videos are not posting well but lots of swimming this summer. Giada had swimming with Nicole G and Erin O.  She is more confident and it just clicked finally! Gino has been in ISR and is doing pretty well. He will not float but will swim pretty decently. He is on his way to being safe!