Sunday, March 30, 2014


Warning! Picture overload ahead! I couldn't have broken this up into multiple posts, but what is the fun in that!?  Scott, my brother in law, actually laughed at how many photos I took over a 3 day span. Anyway here we go! We didn't tell the kids we were going to Disneyland, and that was so hard, especially on the drive. What they did know was we were going to Venice to see baby Ella Schweitzer.  I thought Giada would pick up on something when we told her we were staying in a hotel, since we usually stay with Jen when we are there.  After a short visit, we were off to the hotel. Despite the hardest rain I have ever driven in, we made it safely to the hotel.  We let the kids open gifts from Nonni and Nana and they soon figured out where we were headed. 

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First night we walked around Downtown Disney and had dinner. Mike and I hadn't been there in 10 years, so a lot had changed.  The kids only wanted to walk with Mike, but it was pretty cute. 

Dinner was not complete without some balloon animals, they must have noticed we would be suckers and not able to say no and be-lined over to our table.
The next morning the real adventure began. Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen was the 1st stop.  We figured if the kids saw some characters in the morning, we would have to stop less, and wait in lines less to get autographs throughout the park.  They were so pumped!  It poured during breakfast, but perfect timing, we sat inside and watched it!

What better to do when you meet Chip, than to show him your gymnastics moves...right Gino?
I guess Gino wanted to see if Dale was looking at the camera for the pic?

Yippee the park is open!

Of course we had to ride Dumbo! It was a constant decision of who was riding with who...usually they both wanted to ride with Mike.
Lots of selfies on this trip!

We didn't do much in Toon Town, a lot was closed there due to weather, but we did have to go meet Minnie.

Giada is pretty brave and would go on everything, which was fun for Mike and I. 
 Splash Mountain had just opened back up, and Matterhorn was fun too.  
She wasn't tall enough for Indiana Jones, next trip!

 Buzz Lightyear Blasters (or whatever it is called) was a big hit for both kids, we went on this one multiple times. I also of course secretly wanted to have a higher score than Mike.  I thought I was doing pretty well until I saw his score was 200,000 points higher than mine! lol

 The rain kept the locals away, so the park was pretty empty the first day, which was great for us! Gino didn't seem to mind if he couldn't go on a ride we would wait for Giada and go ride another carousel.

The downpour came just as the kids fell asleep so we walked back to the hotel, let them sleep and drank some wine. We considered it a win win!  Then they were up and back in time for the parade. I loved the parade and could have watched it again, next time we will have to check it out at night.

 Another big favorite for both kids was Autopia. Multiple times here too.  The kids really feel like they are driving, which means they are really just jerking us all around the track! :-)
Giada told me.... "Mom, I can't take a picture I'm focusing on driving!"

 After one of the car rides Giada says "Do you think I'm ready for a real car or no?" I actually started busting up laughing and didn't even answer. She said what's so funny?

Day 1 we definitely closed the park down. 
To say they crashed quick once we got back to the hotel was an understatement!
Day 2 Breakfast at Ariel's Grotto. Totally different than the buffet style of Goofy's, but both were fun!

 Giada was so excited that Cinderella told her that she and the prince were out riding horses before she came to breakfast.
 Gino really liked giving the characters hugs and high 5's!

 Cars land was new since our last visit. Disney did a great job, every little detail is accounted for there.  The Cars ride is awesome for kids and adults. That is really the only ride we used the Fast Pass for and so glad we did because they sold out.  We also used that stroller swap which was equally awesome so Mike and I could both go with Giada and one wait with Gino!  The other fun ride there was Mater! The back trailer swings you around side to side and in circles. The lap belt isn't very tight so you slide from side to side and the kids thought it was hysterical.

At the end Gino said, "I like Mater, Mater is SO fast"

In the afternoon we found the beer booth! That was an excellent find! 
Thank you for the tip Stephanie Moe!
 More teacups! This is how family photos usually go! We can never get everyone to look. And what is up with my eyes always looking closed lately! They are open!

 Giada found chickens even in Disneyland. Who knew Mickey had them at his house!

Winnie, Eeyore and Tigger too!

 We thought we were in line for a ride, and soon realized Pixie Hallow was a meet in greet! Giada has had a Brave and Tinkerbell birthday parties, so seeing Tink was a must and we stayed in line!

We had told the kids all along on the last day they could pick one souvenir. Giada chose to Build a Bear, and now we have the new addition of Rose in our house. She was stuffed, fluffed, stitched, washed, dressed and loved!

  For Gino it was Build a Car! Cool concept really. He picked out the car, the wheels and assembled it all together.

After Day 3 we hit the road and headed home. Not 3 minutes into the drive we found Gino like this! Successful trip!

The trip was one of those that probably can't be duplicated.  The kids were on great behavior, minor meltdowns, and everything just went well. Such a fun trip for all 4 of us. I can see why people get the itch to go more often once you go with kids!  We asked Giada on the way home.. "Giada are you glad we brought you here?"  She answered, "Yes, but it was a really long drive!"