Thursday, July 7, 2016


Go Giants! Fun day in the city.  A little rain didn't stop us and a walk off win!

 A little rain never hurt the kids either. They love playing outside on rainy days.

Lorenzo is such a funny little guy. Running all over the place trying to keep up with the big kids.  Easy to make laugh and a joy to be around.

 Loves to grab the ball and bat and try and hit off the tee. He is surprisingly good at it too! Mostly bats lefty, and throws lefty too. But, we are not convinced he will be left handed.... To be determined.

Fun night out with family and friends.  
Carrie Underwood put on a great show and at the Stockton Arena, super convenient!
 Baths are so much fun!  If I could just get him to realize that bath water is not the best to drink.
 Bonus! You get to school and your buddy is in the same shirt. Unintentional twin day and a field trip.
 Selfie with my nephew Cole. The kids had a blast having him over.

Stella loving on baby Reese
Kidless dinner with friends!

One more softball pic....G in the squat.
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser.  Always fun to get dressed up and have some cocktails with friends.
Uncle Matt was so sweet to have the kids over for smore's; Stella wasn't even home.  
Love living so close to my family.

 This big kid just had his Kindergarten evaluation.  Mrs. Luchessi, he is coming your way.

Sweet baby Carter is home! Our family has grown by 1 more.  Congrats to Gina, Scott, and Cole.

 Open House and Fine Arts Night.  Giada loved singing with the entire school.  Music teacher Mr. Bailey, does a great job with them. The kids work on the songs all year long for the big performance.

 G and her buddy Declan Luigs
The little brothers were not interested in taking a photo with the big kids.


Reese is all smiles now.

We have gotten so much mileage out of this costume. 
You never know what the kids are going to love.

St Anne's Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

This hair flair will not go unused after the Kentucky Derby.
 G loves it, this girl has always loved to accessorize!